This guy deserves to be tarred and feathered!    2003-05-07 11:07:05 ET

"Shuster has a long list of pending patents, including one for pop-up audio ads that cannot be turned off."

Somebody stop him before he invents again!

 Even better than Dance Dance Revolution!    2003-05-06 08:06:08 ET

I feel like playing this game right now - excuse me while I go to the men's room.
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 A good night's entertainment    2003-05-04 14:16:59 ET
It's all about cute women using power tools on themselves. The Bozo Porno Circus concert I went to last night certainly was not the worst thing I've spent $5 on, though unfortunately the sound seemed a bit fuzzy and badly mixed. Good stage show, though they could pay a bit more attention to the fundamentals.

 Happy May Day/ Blessed Beltane!    2003-05-01 08:03:29 ET
A day to welcome new life and to celebrate the work we do!

Now is the month of maying
When merry lads are playing
(fa la la la….)

Each with his bonny lass
A dancing on the grass
(fa la la la….)

The spring clad all in gladness
Doth laugh at Winter's sadness
(fa la la la….)

And to the bagpeep sound
The nymphs tread out their ground
(fa la la la….)

Fie then why? Sit we musin
Youths sweet delight refusin
(fa la la la….)

Say dainty nymphs and spake
Shall we play barley break
(fa la la la….)
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 MMMmmmm...    2003-04-30 11:39:08 ET
Gourmet strangled duck a la Francaise...|oddlyenough|04-30-2003%3A%3A09%3A23|reuters.html

Looks like the restaurant has a website, too!:

"On the Eve, in spite of its youth ­or rather because of its very youth (from six to ten weeks) --, the poor bird was unfeelingly smothered then plucked by its assassins."

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