A website for the Brotherhood of the Headblade    2003-05-24 13:50:01 ET


     2003-05-23 23:47:44 ET
My Onion horoscope this week:

"Sagittarius: (Nov. 22óDec. 21)
You're not the type of person who looks for a certain physical type in a mate, mostly because you have a seven-person staff to do that for you."

I wish! That would be nice. "Bring me the brunettes! The cute ones, mind...oh, and not too stupid, okay?"

 Yay for 3-day weekends!    2003-05-19 17:59:27 ET
Happy dead Queen day!

A nice weekend this was. Good weather, fun times, and I helped out a friend with a problem.

 Kikkoman power!    2003-05-14 09:12:30 ET
This is one hell of a strange Flash commercial for soya sauce.


The second one is the commercial with english subtitles. Not that they help much, it's still nuts.
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 I have trouble telling if this is a satire or not, but it's hilarious either way    2003-05-11 18:52:07 ET

"Zounds supports straight edge living and abstinence until marriage, but we also support good times with friends and rocking out for the Lord!"


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