Another odd and disturbing product    2003-04-20 13:48:47 ET

"DOCTOR-APPROVED Scientific Breakthrough that will transform a Non-Virgin girl into a complete virgin! Experience the pain and bleeding on the first night as if you were a real virgin!"

"We guarantee:

1. Your vagina will become tighter than a virgin's.

2. You will feel the pain during sex.

3. Blood will come out and will stick to his penis on the first night after using the formula.

4. The blood will be exactly the same as that of a virgin, even containing real pieces of hymen tissue. "

Ew. Ew ew ew!

 A toy almost as funny as the Nimbus vibrating broom    2003-04-19 17:00:06 ET

It's BDSM for kids! I wonder if they don't have a little play riding crop to go with this.

 Best little cartoons ever!    2003-04-17 19:14:50 ET
I <3 these!

 The fun's not over yet!    2003-04-16 08:47:40 ET
Thanks for reconsidering, m0xie. Though as a result of all this I now have two journals. More updating, more friends, more drama! Eeek!


 I'm disappointed but I understand.    2003-04-15 08:05:43 ET
It must be rather expensive to run a site like this and the time it took to maintain it was surely substantial. Thank you, sykospark and m0xie, for your vision and effort. You may want to plug the forums, if that's something you plan to continue. Just because these journals have shut down doesn't mean the community they've created has to dissolve.

In the meantime, I've become addicted to this web journal thing, so does anyone have an account creation code at LiveJournal they could give me?

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