This just slays me!    2003-03-24 10:37:57 ET
"To be or not to be. Yo, dat be da question
Is it better to put up wit' all dis shit,
Or jus' cap yo'self an' get it over wit'"
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 Damn vacation    2003-03-23 19:18:18 ET
Why is it that by the time I've finished my week of vacation I've changed my sleep/wake schedule to be on Vampire Standard Time and then have to go to work Monday morning? *sigh* I'm going to be so useless today. Ah well, sitting around apres-club drinking and watching kids shows that make surprisingly little sense was worth it.

 When Knitting Attacks    2003-03-21 10:20:18 ET

This is just wrong on so many levels.
"Saddam is 100% hand crocheted from acrylic yarn, stuffed with polyester fiber fill (which makes him non-allergenic - and will keep him soft and cuddly for generations to come!) and features astonishing detail, including protruding belly, bubble butt, bushy mustache, and lifelike (yarn) hair. His arms and legs are jointed so that he is posable, and his plastic eyes convey a look of droopy bewilderment."

I'm amazed someone would take time to crochet and sell these.

By the way, happy anniversary to me! Now begins my second year on SK.

 The most painful-looking thing I've ever seen.    2003-03-18 16:10:33 ET,,2-2003121688,00.html

Ow...ow ow oWWWWWW!!!

 Neuroticfish    2003-03-16 17:46:13 ET

This is the definition of fucked up. The fish says it's the end of the world. - and then someone bought it and presumably ate it.

In more evidence that things have become fundamentally strange, I have the number of a cute girl and we're probably going to a movie later this week. Yay.

Oh, and here's another rather strange thing I happened across. Not a bad way to make money, I suppose, if you've got the equipment.
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