The things you find unexpectedly...    2003-03-10 07:43:52 ET
While I was looking for information on how to fix a corrupted file, I came across this:

"Sometimes, even when we let the Lord to scan the corrupted files in our life, the files get fixed but a little while later, the files appear, sometimes in worst forms. We ask again the Lord to scan us again but again after scanning and being fixed, it appears again. One only can wonder why?"

Why, indeed...

 Partytime in Toronto    2003-03-03 11:40:50 ET
Last Saturday I attended what must surely be one of the most well-documented birthday parties ever, as a videocamera and 4 people (including myself) with digital cameras roamed around while Baby Duck claimed more victims. Much fun and embarassing photos were had by all. At least it was better than Friday at Savage, where some woman with fake fangs told me all about how she was going to audition for Playboy soon. *roll eyes*


 The last trolley has departed...    2003-02-27 06:54:14 ET
R.I.P. Mr. Rogers and thank you for everything.
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 New pics!    2003-02-24 13:09:10 ET
I finally got around to updating my picture to the current hair-free version of me and also threw on a picture of the view from my balcony - which looks a bit depressing, being winter and all, but should look much nicer in the spring.

 Okay, so things got worse.    2003-02-14 13:15:02 ET
I have to do overtime tonight. :( Stupid reports, argh! The funny thing is the only way this could suck more is a way my life could suck less - if I had to be late for or cancel a V-day date. The universe has some 'splainin' to do.

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