Back to work!    2003-01-06 10:08:59 ET
Wonderful, joyous holidays my ass! I was becoming terminally bored and was watching entirely too many dumb talk shows about transexual adulterers who have gone from fat to all that and need paternity all runs together in my memory. It was nice to see family for Xmas and friends for New Year, however. The presents were a touch on the utilitarian side (yay pans...yay underwear) and the party was restrained because someone brought their new baby to it. On the whole...BLAH. Not entirely good, not entirely bad, it all just was. Goodbye 2002 and good riddance!

I did get myself a digital camera during the Boxing Day sales, so new pics will be showing up here shortly!

 Countdown to holidays...whee!    2002-12-20 12:31:29 ET
Just two hours to go and I'm out of here and off to wonderful, joyous holidays for the next two weeks! Now if I can just stop thinking about those scary kitten roses...I had to show everyone at work too. It's not even Xmas yet and I'm so full of chocolate and feeling so damn fat it isn't funny (well, if you aren't me, it probably is). You can bet I'll be in the gym a lot in January.

I also found out what would happen if sykospark had a sex change, moved to Toronto and started insisting on proper spelling:
I know this guy but I'd no idea he chose that name since I just found him by accident while I was exploring links off someone else's journal. I wonder now if he hates whales too. I'll have to ask.

Went to a Dr's appointment earlier, had my happy pills renewed, got a flu shot and had liquid nitrogen put on this stupid wart on my hand that won't go away - result being that my left arm is now in pain. The wart's turning into one big icky blister - special effects artists dream of making stuff like this. Just be glad I don't have a scanner to make pictures of it.

 Things that make me say, "What the fuck?!?" II    2002-12-18 11:57:03 ET
Worst use of kittens...EVER!
$1700 and this can be yours...but WHY?!

All inspired by the work of this fellow:

Haute couture...pigeon style:

These are going to make me have some very strange dreams, I know it.


 Things that make me say, "What the fuck?!?"    2002-12-13 14:08:55 ET

As for the much-anticipated employee review, it's been rescheduled for next week. I'll mention that when I get criticized for having been late on occasion. :-P

 Is this an omen?    2002-12-09 14:43:02 ET
My employee evaluation has been scheduled for Friday the 13th. :O

On a more positive note, I fixed my computer. It seems it was all due to a wonky power supply, since now that I've replaced it, everything's going fine. I had a fun weekend, with silly drunk women grabbing and kissing silly drunk me on Friday. Sobriety prevailed (narrowly) on Saturday, leading to the following conversation: Her - "I hope I didn't come on too strong last night, having just met you and all." Me - "Oh no, not at all, it was fun." *dorky grin*

Two weeks to go until Xmas holidays...yay!

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