k0mputerh4t3    2002-12-02 08:16:14 ET
My computer is spontaneously and randomly turning itself off. This is after having problems before in which it BSODed at odd times. I'm wondering if this may be the end for it, which would really suck since it's only two years old and I didn't want to spend money now to get a new one. *ARGH* Any suggestions?

 Happy Birthday?    2002-11-29 11:45:14 ET
Well, the weather's really yucky and I'm at work...so...no, not yet. Wow...27 years old today...and I still haven't done so much that I want to do yet. I'd better hurry. *sigh* Hopefully I'll feel better tonight when I go out but right now I'm pretty reflective and somewhat regretful. Terrible how birthdays are such cause for self-analysis.

 Mmmmm....    2002-11-28 09:11:10 ET
All of the food avatars are making me hungry.

So much to do...so little time. I have to go to class tonight because there's a midterm, but I really need to go get stuff to spruce up the apartment before the party...like fabric sufficient to be used as curtains in the living room so that all the people in the building across the way can't look in. That'll be weird, being a man with a shaved head in the fabric store.

 I know I shouldn't be surprised by now, but...    2002-11-19 13:32:27 ET

If he wasn't a multi-millionaire, they'd have locked him up in an institution.


It gets even weirder! He shows up at the zoo in Berlin looking like Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef, his two kids in tow wearing big scarves on their heads. This is fucked!

 What do you serve rivets at a party?    2002-11-18 14:00:45 ET
Nuts 'n bolts, of course. *groan*
The invites have almost all been given out so it's a go for the first party at my new place. Yay! Time to freak out the neighbours!

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