The most beautiful words in the English language    2002-11-12 09:27:37 ET
"I have decided to give everyone a week's extension on their papers." If that didn't happen, I was going to be late. School + Real Job = ouch ouch ouch

And I still have a mock cabinet submission to write for class Thursday night. *sigh*

 Interesting new web toy    2002-11-08 08:54:33 ET tells me that:

telal is now a part of two piece necrotic corpulence
telal is coming to kill the boy who was born in that desert
telal is coming
telal is forcing us into a final confrontation…but we have a big problem
telal is back…and his target appears to be vickie
telal is an unofficial publication of the community liaison office
telal is back *war wants to hear emrys stand up and be counted

 A life lesson from me...    2002-11-05 13:21:13 ET
Do not attempt to play Civilization and cook dinner at the same time. :(

 Another perplexing product...    2002-10-25 13:07:49 ET

These are very frightening.

 Friday before vacation....    2002-10-25 09:54:24 ET
This day is soooooooooooooo long...but at the end of it, I have a week off. YAY! I'm not going anywhere, I'm just going to relax, get some of my schoolwork done early and get caught up on some reading I haven't had time to do. All that and try to assemble some sort of Halloween costume. It's either going to be an "Industrial Cheerleader" or an evil magician sort of thing.

As an aside, the new Funker Vogt "Give me a golden shower!" song kills me.

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