Is there nothing duct tape can't do?    2002-10-16 12:23:25 ET
I was amazed to learn of the amazing curative power of duct tape. Apparently it can be used to get rid of warts. Woo, duct tape! It's not just for fashion anymore!

 Stupidity strikes again!    2002-09-17 11:42:24 ET
I was out last evening so I missed all the excitement. A woman in the building next door fell eleven storeys to her death after trying to climb around to her balcony from the balcony of a neighbour's apartment. Apparently she'd been locked out of her apartment by her boyfriend and was trying to get in through the balcony. She lost her grip trying to get through the pigeon netting and SPLAT! Wonder if she'll win a Darwin Award.

 All packed (well, almost) and ready to go!    2002-09-14 12:57:14 ET
I went and got the keys to my new apartment today. They repainted (all white, how terribly uplifting), revarnished the floors and even put up netting on the balcony to keep out the pigeons. I'm so excited! Also a bit scared, too, because now it really matters if I keep my job, and for that matter, who knows what my roommate and I will discover about each other that we don't like? Will it be important?

The adventure begins tomorrow!

 Just a warning...    2002-09-10 18:42:12 ET
Be nice to me or I will make you all read the course textbooks I bought today. The titles are deadly enough. "The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration", 556 pages of pure excitement, and not just Policy Analysis, but "BEYOND Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent Times", a slimmer, svelter, paperback volume which claims on the back to include "Discussions of the performance management paradigm and alternative service delivery environments".

Actually, these should be interesting to me on the intellectual level...after all, I picked the course, right, but after a day of school and work I'm not on the intellectual level right now.
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 A fine sunny Saturday...    2002-09-07 11:00:17 ET
But I cannot go out, I must pack and do laundry. I found out last night that vanilla vodka rules...and is surprisingly easy to drink too much of. I was quite happy and wobbly on the way back home. :)

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