favourite German word...    2002-08-15 10:35:38 ET
On the way to work this morning my bus drove by a ricer kid whose sleek new modified Honda had been pulled over by Ministry of Environment people and seemed to be getting a lecture (and a ticket!). Ha-ha!
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 Must remember sunblock or a hat...    2002-08-11 11:51:02 ET
This is the downside of using the headblade - Sunburn-head. Ow. Kompressor needs to do a song about that. Fortunately, I have otherwise recovered marvelously from beerfest, hangover-free and ready to return to work on Monday!

 Three words that mean so much...    2002-08-10 22:48:04 ET

So much fun...but I am glad it's only once a year, I doubt my liver could take it. I made it through all my beer tickets without hurling, yay!
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 Feeling bloated?    2002-08-01 20:55:41 ET
So it's not just me...the world is getting fatter.

 New fashion atrocities on the way!    2002-07-25 11:03:49 ET
Can't wait to see some of this at the club.
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