Beware the Satanic Kitty!    2002-09-05 15:51:37 ET

Memepool finds some truly hilarious stuff!

 Packing packing packing....    2002-09-03 18:01:24 ET
Packing away your life's belongings is hard work. Especially when you get into the closet and discover yet more books, and old shoes, and shirts that fell down in the back of the closet two years ago. I also found my old stuffed animals again, a sad looking (because half his stuffing has fallen out) orange beagle named Rex (why this is escapes me now) and a teddy bear that has definitely seen better days. His name, incidentally, is Bear. Wow, I was a creative toddler. :-P Unfortunately, no $20 bills seem to have hidden themselves in my closet.

BOXES! I NEED BOXES! If it's got six sides and can hold stuff, I want it and I've been taking it. No box is safe around me these days.

12 days and counting!

If I keep being so involved with moving I might forget to go to class next week. That thought just occurred to now perhaps I'll remember.

 A non-"pervertic" message...    2002-08-28 12:20:59 ET
Preparations for the move go well. I have almost all of my books boxed up (so many books! so many boxes!) and now I can use the space freed up in my drawers and drum tables (named so not because they are tables you put drums on but because they are big and hollow like drums) for towels, sheets, clothes and other light things. Also boxed are kitchen supplies and tools. I have a driver who will rent a truck for me. Hurray!

Now I need to recruit a slave labour force to heft my belongings onto the truck and into the new apartment. Perhaps I can borrow one from Red Robot. :) They will receive my undying gratitude and beer. Then we shall conquer the world...or something. I must call about getting apartment insurance too since the building requires it.

Just 18 days to go!
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 It's so cute and so evil!    2002-08-24 14:25:28 ET
This just rocks!

 I'm moving! *happy dance* *happy dance*    2002-08-20 08:03:05 ET
I was informed today that my roommate-to-be and I can move in to the apartment we'd applied for on September 15! It's right downtown, I can actually walk or bike to work (WOW!) and the building seems clean and well taken care of. The view from the balcony is absolutely ASTONISHING. It is on the 24th floor and faces south toward the Toronto skyline, Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands. There is a kick-ass housewarming party in the near future!

I'm so happy I'm having trouble getting any work done! Whee!

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