Yawn....    2003-04-14 07:43:23 ET
Sooooooooooo tired....I hate hate hate hate exams. I stayed up late to study, then got up early to study, I have to go write the stupid thing this afternoon and then, THEN, I have to game this evening because it's my night to host. Much caffeine to be consumed today. At least I got the whole day off instead of just the afternoon. *sigh*

 For the truly dedicated parent...    2003-04-12 22:51:26 ET

If only my parents had had this book, my shaved head might be perfectly shaped instead of having various odd bumps. Granted, I might be mentally retarded, but wow would I have an aesthetically pleasing head!

 An expression you don't want to hear from a middle-aged telecom tech    2003-04-10 10:27:27 ET
"The ground is frozen cock-solid."

 This is a big timesaver!    2003-04-05 22:37:57 ET

Excellent! I need never actually write another journal entry again!

 Tasty AND fashionable!    2003-04-03 20:16:55 ET

Mmm, mmm...

I badly need to do laundry...I'm down to wearing stuff with holes in it - thank goodness for black boxers. But noooo...I wasted time on the net and now I don't have time before I have to go to sleep. *sigh* At least it is now Friday.

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