Imagine growing up with Barney on your arm...forever!    2003-07-08 19:15:15 ET
I really really REALLY hope this is a satire like the Bonsai Kitten site.

Okay - it's not real, but it had me for a few minutes. I'm sure some people would actually do that to their children.
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 Brainwashers 'R Us!    2003-07-04 11:54:34 ET,11913,987172,00.html

This article's about a scary-sounding facility in Jamaica that's essentially a private prison camp for teenagers. A Gitmo for the kiddies. The amazing thing is that parents actually pay $40,000 a year to have their children imprisoned there indefinitely. It's a lovely combination of a prison and a cult for one's misbehaving teens.

 "Look Jesus, we're taking your second coming ass down!"    2003-06-23 08:40:06 ET
I was at a fun barbecue this weekend that included the viewing of a rather strange, funny-bad movie called Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter. The storyline is essentially this: Jesus arrives to take down a group of vampires who have found a way of being outside during the day by using the skin of lesbians. He runs into trouble and so gets the help of a Mexican wrestler.

See the review and photos here:

I highly recommend this as a movie that's funny for all the wrong reasons.

 Watch this!    2003-06-10 21:14:06 ET
I promise you this rocks - just give it a few minutes and ignore the fact it's in German.
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 You may already be a winner!    2003-06-09 19:53:43 ET
This article is a great reminder of how lucky we all are just to exist. It seems that at some point in the last 100,000 years there were as few as 2000 humans left.
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