"Self"2004-07-27 11:26:23 ET

On July 25th, Bono wrote this article for the Boston Globe.

Is anyone out there really listening anymore? Or are we just so caught up in "self" that we can't see past tomorrow?

Capitalist notions have put "self" into perpetual motion, which has gained all the momentum of a juggernaut.
Will either (any) of the candidates be able, or willing, to persuade the nation to unhook the blinders?

Cure for what ails ya pt.22004-07-27 10:58:38 ET

It's almost been a month since the new Cure album came out. What does everyone think of it. I know theGirl isn't nuts about it, and I have to say it isn't of the same calibre that Bloodflowers was (only 2 others compare to that one, in my opinion), but I do like it. There are some really great tracks on this disc.

Just like to know what people think... cause thoughts matter.

Mo Move2004-07-27 04:41:08 ET

I would be moving on the long weekend. When EVERYBODY and their dog is away. I think I'll be hauling my bed on my back.

Anyway, very excited. New chapter and all. Best thing is that I get to be with myGirl more often. Empty beds are not something I'm very fond of.

We're hoping to get a new bird. An African Grey Temneh. The most intelligent birds in the world, they can develop the brain capacity and achieve the vocabulary of a 2-3 year old human baby. It'll make for interesting discussions.

Anyhow. Off to hunt down people to help me move. Oh, and I should probably get some work done today.


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