Thursday2004-02-05 03:49:36 ET

Thursday is like the day before Christmas Eve. You're nearly there, but still far enough away to make it seem like it's a long way off. "It" being the weekend. Or Christmas.


Two more days to go. Day 11 just began and I'm very tired of seeing this place.
Robert Smith hears my pain. He's singing One Hundred Years. K, the song doesn't actually relate to my current predicament, but it does feel like I've been at the studio for a hundred years. So on that level it works.
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badgers & mushrooms?2004-02-03 04:08:29 ET

I was told that if I watched this for more than 2 minutes I'd be clinically insane.

iunno... maybe I'm already there...

do you know tyler durden?2004-02-02 18:48:18 ET

Just finished watching Fight Club for the millionth time.
If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend you do. It's very... deep.
Especially if you're a disenfranchised male realising that there's nothing worse than working for the man just to pay off the credit card and build your little IKEA nest of a condo.

Not to say there's anything wrong with IKEA.

Just watch the movie, alright?

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