Stolen from Forgotten Youth2004-01-14 03:33:06 ET

1) spell out your name with band names
Smashing Pumpkins
Everything But The Girl
Nine Inch Nails

2) have you ever had a song written about you?

3) what song makes you cry?
none so far

4) what song makes you happy?
Beautiful Day or Lemon, by U2

height: 5'7"
hair color: Brown
skin color: White
eye color: Brown
piercings: None... yet
tattoos: None... yet

what color pants are you wearing?: charcoal grey
what song are you listening to: Kite, by U2
what taste is in your mouth?: Herb & Garlic creamcheese
how are you?: how I am is a long long story. But I feel ok, if that's what ya wanna know.

do you
get motion sickness?: no
have a bad habit?: yes
get along with your parents?: occasionally... when I'm not there.
like to drive?: yes, but i don't have a license

non alcoholic drink: earl grey tea
alcoholic drink: Guinness, Bushmills, Jameson's, Stella Artois, any Sleemans beer, Bailey's. I like my alcohol.
thing to do on the weekend: bike, sex, eat, drink, party, sex it up more... repeat if necessary (oh it's always necessary!)

have you
broken the law: yes
ran away from home: no
snuck out of the house: probably
ever gone skinny dipping: no
skipped school before: hell yeah
been in a school play: yes. Monty Python's Flying Cricus.

your cd player has in it right now: nothing. I have an iPod *shows off*. It's playing lotsa U2 lately.

when/what was the last
time you cried: when I watched Bruce Almighty. The scene where Bruce takes over the anchor's mouth and makes it impossible for him to speak. Shit I laughed sooooo hard!
you got e-mail: two days ago. from about the t-shirt I ordered
thing you purchase:Timmy Ho's large BLACK coffee and a bagel with Herb&Garlic cream chees

your thoughts on
teenage smoking: not very wise, but then so's high school
spice girls: I think really, really really naughty things about Posh spice. But her attitude kills the mood faster than a Wal-Mart commercial.
dreams: They get in the way of perfectly good sleep.

hungoverblech2004-01-11 10:42:42 ET

I don't think I like this whole 'vertical' thing. It doesn't agree with me.
Great jazz last night at The Rex Hotel,but 1 too many pitchers of beer, pints bought for us, half eaten street meat and a cab ride that needed to be faster.
I'm hungry. Need food. And water. Lots 'n' lots of water.

I need the help of my SK friends...2004-01-10 15:34:28 ET

I'm trying to get my iChat program up and running. It accepts AIM buddies, so if anyone uses AIM please add to your list and let me know who you are and we can try to see if this program is up and working.
Thanks and I hope to chat with you there soon!

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