Way too early for this2004-01-20 03:09:39 ET

... or anything for that matter.
I'm 45 minutes early for work. Why? iunno. Just worked out that way.
The coffee isn't doing much, but then again, it never does. Someone told me that it's because of my blood type (B+), coffee doesn't have the same perking effects for me. Which, come to think of it, makes sense. I've never been buzzed by the amount of cafeine I've had, but more by the sugar that's gone with it.


k, i really want this coffee to take effect.


And then I woke up...2004-01-18 06:03:34 ET

This is the soothing sound that's keeping me level this morning. Enjoy!

Not what I was expecting...2004-01-17 22:12:13 ET

I'm still trying to make heads or tales out of this evening, but I'll attempt to put it right here....

Was at work until 8:30. I was supposed to meet up with my brother for pool and pints, but he hadn't got any sleep the night before (an alarm went of in his building at 6 this morning) and what with theGirl having her night out with the girls I found myself resigning to a night in. When I thought! Why don't I just go out anyway and have a good time by myself?

So I managed to get home, get changed and down to Savage Garden (great little Goth/Industrial club) to hang out a bit. An old haunt I hadn't been to in ages. Bumped into a (just as old) friend who said he was gonna head across the street to the Fetish Masquerade. I thought "Why the fuck not? I haven't been to one of those in I don't know how long!". 10 minutes later I'm over there. I bump into an old friend of mine who is, by far, the BEST photographer I know and we chatted for awhile.

Then the slightly-expected-yet-still-totally-unpreparred-for-moment arrived... I ran into my ex. Megan was there, which I figured to be a possibility. But we still had a really cool time. Caught up on old stuff, made a date for Tuesday (not that kind of "date") to catch up properly and, slightly more importantly, so I could get some stuff back.

Then ran into Steph (theGirl's roomate's friend) and chatted with her for a bit. She thought (briefly) that I was someone else, which was kinda funny considering she's met me 2 or 3 times before, and we bitched about an even older ex...

Now I remember why I left the scene. WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA!!!

Stuff that we talked about I won't get into here. Let it be known that I (actually we) think my ex is insane, but my ex has other people thinking that I am insane. Funny how fate works.

Anyway. There's a post worth chewing on for a bit...

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