I am Virgo, My Lover is Leo2003-12-19 14:22:21 ET

K, so I did this for me, to find out how well theGirl would work with me (she's the Virgo), and decided I'd figure out how I look from her position. I'm utterly floored. This is soooo me. You can find this all on AstrologyZone.com. I suggest those hitched have a look. It's very revealing!

You and Leo couldn't be more different. Is there hope for a relationship? Sure, but this love affair is going to take some work to develop it into a long term success.

In every relationship there has to be give and take. The trouble is, Leos give orders and Virgos tend to take them. I have over-simplified the situation, of course. But what I mean is that you are so determined to be helpful and kind to others that you often don't know how to say no, Virgo. Since Leos forget to say: "Please," "Would you mind?" and "Could you find the time?" they tend to just bark commands. Resentment could build up in you over time. You put a premium on politeness and harmony, so you might just suffer in silence. That's not good, because one day you might explode. Don't let that happen; your Leo doesn't realize what he or she is doing.

You, in turn, will have to soft-pedal your critical streak, because Leos don't take to it any better than you take to Leos' cockiness. You can get nit-picky without realizing it, then find yourself with a cranky Lion or Lioness on your hands. You see flaws so easily you think they are obvious to everyone. Your Leo, however, only looks at the big picture and rarely spots flaws in the details without you pointing them out. Leos react not only with their mind and intellect, as you do, but also with their pride and ego. Help your lover save face, for respect is all-important to Leo.

Your Leo will admire your competence in crisis situations, for you have an organizational ability and resourcefulness that is unmatched in the zodiac. It is always the Virgos who are flown into disaster sites to map out where the food, water, and tents are to be set up. In life, Virgos always cooly and calmly soothe the distraught and weary with practicality and patience, rebuilding civilization where nothing has been left standing. You are a mutable sign, far more flexible than your fixed element lover. To Leos' credit, they will reinforce the original goals, and remain determined and focused. Sudden change stuns Leos into paralysis, which is where you can step in and be their guardian angel.

In bed, your Leo is responsive, warm, and imaginative, but at first his or her manner could seem a bit too much to someone as shy and reserved as you. If you don't pay Leo extra attention in bed and show complete adoration, your lover will be disappointed, no matter what carefully-chosen words you whisper. Leos want to see and feel your admiration, not hear it through compliments (although those will be necessary too). Leos want to be free to express love, but if you bat down their enthusiasm by being critical of their technique, they will become self-conscious, nervous, and unable to love you freely.

A Leo male once said to me that a man should never tell a beautiful woman that she is beautiful, because she already knows she looks beautiful. I laughed to myself, thinking, he is gorgeous and is probably told that on a daily basis. I wonder what he would say if women suddenly stopped giving him compliments on his looks? With the shoe on the other foot, I am sure he would stumble and say something like "That's a whole different story, and... er... of course men need to hear these things." When pinned into a corner like this, Leos are full of excuses. The trouble is, Leos do not empathize well because they are self-absorbed. This is the opposite of Virgos, who are so directed outward, toward helping others. Virgos don't even expect to be thanked for the help they give. They feel they know human nature and ingratitude is, unfortunately, part of the package. Virgos' realism is always on full blast. Leos not only want to be thanked, but admired and appreciated every day in every way. As a Virgo, you aim to please -- up to a point. If you feel it's all getting to be too much, one day you are likely to let your Leo have it, in precise and articulate Harvard outline format. This barrage will stun your Leo, and not only won't he or she know what hit him or her, Leo won't be able to match your verbal assault. (Of course you would win. Who could ever match a Virgo, other than a Gemini?) But this is about maintaining a happy relationship, not about winning or losing. You see how important it will be to keep discussing your feelings.

You could be good for your Leo if you can work out the kinks. You will help Leo live within his or her means, for you don't like living high-on-the-hog. You will help Leo put down a realistic budget on paper, and urge him or her to work more and play less. Your Leo will get you to play more and let the tasks wait a while (something you will be grateful he or she talked you into!). You will enjoy a better life than you could ever provide for yourself, for you tend to live without much luxury or footloose fun. In turn, you will stabilize your Leo and be his or her anchor in the sea of life.

Give this relationship a try. You could have other aspects in your individual horoscopes that make this relationship positively glow. Love is never just about sun signs. This is a pairing of the optimist (Leo) and the pessimist (Virgo). Let your lover show you the rainbow that's hanging just above your head. You missed it when you were focused down on the hard, cold earth.

I am Leo, My Lover is Virgo2003-12-19 09:48:36 ET

Always fashionable, crisp, and well groomed, it is hard for Leo not to be proud of elegant Virgo. Your Virgo is precise, detailed, and prefers work to play. How is this last attribute possible? Born at the very end of summer, .Virgo has been programmed by nature to reap what has been sown, and to be highly productive. Nothing will deter Virgos from their assignment: not theater tickets, dinner at a new bistro, frolicking with you in the woods like a woodland nymph -- nothing. Don't even try. You, on the other hand, have been programmed to play and to be creative. (Play and creativity go hand in hand in astrology, as they do in life.) If you are skeptical, consider this: Leo is ruled by the 5th sector, and Virgo by the 6th sector. Check it out.

Now that you have a better understanding of your Virgo lover, perhaps you can be more gentle with his or her concerns, and their delicate digestive systems. You will see you have to take time to relax them before you make love, and make sure lingering thoughts of unwritten reports, unwashed dishes, or ungraded papers need not interfere with the moment. Underneath that high IQ lurks a passionate lover dying for your touch to make him or her feel human again. Who better than a loving Leo to make things right? Virgos will let down their reserve when they feel safe with you and know you won't double-time them. Virgo's sense of integrity is strong, and they want yours to be too. An earth sign, they are tactile and deeply erotic, although they will never flaunt their sexuality in public. They have a reputation for being cool and detached, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Virgos minds are alert and they are eagle-eyed when it comes to flaws. They are born idealists, and never see things as they are but rather how good they can be. Other signs call Virgos critical, but Virgos feel they simply see things clearly -- things others miss. You must not take advantage of your dazzling, polished, and refined Virgo. If your pride makes you order your Virgo lover around or generally treat him or her in a shabby way, Virgo will be polite and take it at first. But the hurts will build up if this continues and your lover will retaliate as only a Virgo can: with articulation that cuts to the bone. You, Leo, will get your assessment all at once, and Virgo will quit you, never to return. After reaching that point, Virgo couldn't very well expect to change you, Leo, for your pride is very, very important for you to preserve.

But you are good for your Virgo, forcing him or her out to have fun in spite of him- or herself. Your lover will know this too, which is why he or she gravitated to you. You know your organizational skills are pathetic, but Virgos excel in this area and, with their eye for detail, nothing falls between the cracks. A mutable sign, Virgo will never challenge your role at the helm, but be content to follow your lead, right down to correcting the grammar on your proposals. Soon you may wonder how on earth you ever got along without your Virgo!

Virgos are worriers, which can drive you nuts when you wake up in the middle of the night to hear your lover padding the floor. When that happens, they need your gentle but strong touch to let them know everything will be alright in the end. You can reassure them more easily than you think.

Virgo is more unlike than like you, but ultimately, Virgo is good for you. Their earth element will offer you safe harbor, and a solid, practical base from which to send up your trial balloons. Give this relationship a good chance.

For posterity2003-12-18 17:57:58 ET

I removed this from my bio, but I still want it on here. Cause I like it.


that brings us up to date...

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