2003-12-14 17:25:09 ET

So I haven't posted anything else lately than the occasional quote or excerpt or poem. Sorry 'bout that. I did write my own poem after "That Something" (2 posts ago)!

But that barely counts.

So here's what's going on in my l'il world right now.
I have a girl in my life whom I love to bits and I know is the right person for me. I don't like being away from her. Even for a few hours.
I have this cold that's trying to be menacing to me, but not really accomplishing its task. I think my immune system's got its number on file. HAHA! I laugh at your puny attempt to decommission me! *uses lazer-eyes to vaporize cold*
uhm.... I'm on vacation on the 20th until the 28th.

See? Not much to say right now. The routine has me for now. Christmas is not really happening at my house this year, considering my Dad is retiring and therefore taking a pay cut, and my Mom has been on sick leave since July and will soon be on disability, so she took a paycut as well. We're getting a tree, but there won;t be any presents under it this year. I think everyone I know is falling on financially hard times.

I haven't been out to a club in ages. I'd love to head out to Savage Garden, decked out in pvc or something and have a few drinks and see people I haven't seen in a looong time.
But at the same time, there's a whole drama that I left behind and that I'm glad I did. I miss the Fetish Masquerades, but it's expensive to go, and theGirl doesn't wanna go (not that I blame her, she has and understandable aversion to running into my ex's, as do I).

So I feel a little down, but I know that whenever I'm with her, I feel good.

I love the way she makes me feel,
the way she smells
the way she tells a story to me I may have heard before, but as if she'd never told me it before.
She's special to me and I love her so. With her I want to have a good vacation.

This is what happens when I try to come up with something interesting to post. I ramble about how much I love theGirl.

k, i'll stop.


How To Be A Canadian (even if you already are one)2003-12-14 16:59:03 ET

So I found this book in a pile of my books. It's quite funny. Here's an excerpt:

Multicultural chaos is the single most exhilarating aspect of being Canadian. You know how "fusion cuisine" takes perfectly good food from different cultures (say, Italian ice-cream and Guatemalan chilies) and then mashes it together to create a new cuisine that is, in direct contradiction to Gestalt theory, decidedly less than the sum of its parts? Well, the Canadian notion of postmodern identity is pure fusion. So mix and match as much as you like. The less consistent, the better. Wear your sombrero as a yarmulka. Wear combat boots and fatigues to demonstrate your militantly held pacifist beliefs. Join an anarchist club! (As long as you conform to the established anarchist dress code.) Don your Doc Martins while attending an elegant cocktail soiree to raise money for the homeless: "Doc Martinis for everyone!". Welcome to the brave new postmodern world.
And no, it isn't silly. It's Canadian.
Of course, you may decide to poo-poo the entire po-mo muu-muu. Postmodern eclecticism in Canada is, after all, much like UFOs or worthwhile federal initiatives. You hear a lot about them, but you never actually see one firsthand. Real Canadians dress like, well, like Canadians.

-W. Ferguson & I. Ferguson, How To Be A Canadian, 2001, Douglas & McIntyre, pg. 26

The rest of the book is even better, and at times gut-bustingly funny. I recommend it to anyone who's not Canadian. And I especially recommend it to Canadians.

2003-12-14 08:14:07 ET

That Something

It's funny, how one can lie,
and remember things of days gone by.
And in perhaps one short minute,
recapture a past year and all thats in it.

It's funny, how a quiet room, gives chance to ponder,
leading our thoughts, or even a funny phrase,
will recall something that happened in bye gone days.

Everyone stores up things that have past,
some are forgotten, others will always last.
But a soldier who has been to war,
has in life's memory book, something more.

"Something" that can only be,
in the memories of men, like you and me.
"Something" that is born midst shot and shell,
develops and grows in times of bloody hell.

This "comradeship" as it is known by us,
of which we never make much fuss.
Is this "something" which in our minds was set
in lands where many are lying yet.

And so I remember from the start,
the lads I knew, now far apart
my soldiering is finished, I leave it all behind,
but that "something" comes with me in my mind

Ronald Tee, 56th Recce Regiment
Battleaxe Division British 8th Army

will justice be done?
or will we tread forth into murkier waters
only to find the bodies of the future slain?
is the dawn that once did shine
miraculously from our eyes
to be clouded by a false celebration?
or are these actions made today
a lasting impression on our damaged minds?
lives, too many, have been lost for this.
and what is "this"?
full of emotion we'll now persecute
and our vengence shall be martyr to some.
I weep for our loved ones
I cringe for the safety
of those who can't have any
I pray for our souls
as we will undoubtedly be preyed upon

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