I hate 'flu season2003-12-08 13:56:29 ET

I haven't got the shot yet, and I should, considering my mom's immune system has been compromised by her surgery last week.

It may be too late tho.

Send many special hugs and loves to my baby. She's sick and trying to study and pass. And she will. It's just harder when yer sick and ya can't sleep.

Go see The Station Agent. Really good movie.

9 business days 'til vacation!

My Scanner is sucking ASS!!!2003-12-07 15:55:46 ET

I hate it when I have work to get done and the required tools are not cooperating.
My scanner seems to only want to scan 2 slides then freeze. I've tried restarting the program, the scanner, the computer, my brain, the car. Nothing seems to work.

And these slides have to be scanned tonight.


two weeks until my vacation. I wanna sleep.

The Great Friggin' Cold North2003-12-02 15:41:49 ET

So the snow's on the ground, and the temperature is well below that. For everyone who's up here with me, they know what it's like.

So there's been talk on various pages of SKers meeting up offline. One out on the west coast, another down in Philly (too many rhyming options there), and nothing happening up here in Canada.

So...... what we say? Something for the holiday season, if anyone's available?
Girl, I know you'd be up for that.
Poet, I know yer there with me too.
Mark, can you think of a way to hike down here for a weekend or somethin?
Anyone else who lives in the GTA or Ontario that can and would like to make a trip to the big smoke?

I dunno. Thought it'd be a cool idea...

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