OGOD!2003-12-28 17:15:13 ET

I haven't had a weekend like this in such a long time. Very mixed adventures... most were good, but one was really bad...

K, it's not the weekend, but since I was on vacation, everyday was technically a weekend. But anyway. Went to my buddy's place at 9pm where we exchanged gifts (his folks bought me the new U2 DVD, saa-weet!) and we proceeded to drink about a half a bottle of Jameson (I love that whiskey). Fortunately his house was within staggering distance of mine. So I did.

Walk up, sans hangover (that means 'without'), theGirl and an old friend of mine came to visit and have xmas dinner with my family. 14 drinks quaffed my thirst over the day. Only 1 of the drinks was non-alcoholic. Watched a few movies (Boondock Saints and The Family Man) then took theGirl home. Stayed over...

Felt kinda hungover, but no headache or sluggishness. Just a general weakness and dehydration. All that alcohol and no water will, no matter how spaced out those drinks are, hit you the next day. Went out with aforementioned old friend to pick up a few DVDs. Got LotR: The Two Towers, Special Extended Edition with Especially Extended PriceTag, Gladiator(for only $10 at HMV!) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Trainspotting. Had a late breakfast (at about 3pm) then went out with theGirl to see Master & Commander. Good movie, great story, excellent battle scenes. Over the course of this day I was feeling more and more like shit...

Woke up and theGirl's place. Threw up. My late day breakfast never digested, so I spent the rest of the day in bed. Watched Two Towers and Gladiator. Discovered a mouse in theGirl's appartment. Up 'til about 2 trying to catch the damned thing...

Woke up with theGirl. No, I'm not living there now, so don't start! Felt better, went to Home Depot and got a few Live Traps (don't wanna kill the little mouse, just don't want it here). Set the traps, went downtown and walked around for a few hours in the sun. Went to see Return of the King... WOW! Go see! dropped theGirl off and finally made it back home.

Back to work tomorrow... 2 and a half days, then New Years (by whose calendar?) and I took Friday off too. Nice 4 day weekend.

but now i miss myGirl

At least that's something...2003-12-22 13:07:52 ET

I just figured out how to put the accent, or 'fatha' (sp?) on my name. I never understood how to do it, but here it is: Seán. Man. That makes me happy.

Back to our regularly scheduled mopiness...

Slumpy theCat2003-12-22 12:50:17 ET

So my brain feels like a pile of mush, and it's been like this for a little while now.
I feel pretty useless. I can't carry a decent conversation anymore. Everything feels sort of awkward, like I've lost my charm.
There's this overwhelming sense of staleness in me. I'm not sure where this came from. I'm not sure why I've lost the ability to self-stimulate. Nothing seems interesting to me and I feel like the people who are important to me are going to lose interest in me.
It isn't because of the Christmas season (tho it doesn't help much), and the current state of world affairs should give me plenty to talk about. The music industry is still in its downward spiral of glossy shit, and usually that's enough for me to go on a tangent, but I don't have the energy to. All the things I want to do I can't because they cost too much money e.g. take theGirl to Casa Loma and the McLaughlin Planetarium (she'd love those places); see the Leafs play at any arena (Buffalo and Ottawa being the 2 closest and a far cry cheaper than the ACC); go to Niagra Falls (again, theGirl would love that too). Toronto is a great place. If you have lots of money.

Aside from all that, theGirl misses her family, and I try to cheer her up, but the only way to do that is to get her home. If I had the money I'd do it in a heartbeat. And I'd go with her too.

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