Evolution2003-11-25 13:34:28 ET

Talking with co-workers today, I think we've stumbled on the next possible stage of evolution.

Think of the technological advancements that we've witnessed over the last half-century. Not to mention that the growth in technology has been geometric, not mathematic. Today's worker has to not only be proficient with computers, but adaptable to the change in programs and technology in order to compete and stay with the status quo.

Compare that to 30 years ago. Change wasn't as continous as it is now. People didn't have to do the same adapting then as we do today. And more of us (sorry, the younger generation) are adapting to change as fast as it happens. We deal with the associated stress better than our contemporaries from 20 or 30 years ago, if faced with the onslaught of change.

I suspect that nature will weed out the genes that inhibit our ability to mentally adapt to consistent and rapid change.

Am I talking out of my ass?

ToolTime with TheCat Part 22003-11-21 12:05:31 ET

I'm not exactly sure who would be buying 530 piece tool sets, but there must be somebody out there. $2300 CDN for a mechanic set that big.

I mean, from the SEARS catalogue? I think serious mechanics go to actual specialty stores for their supplies... right?

So why the hell am I shooting them? I s'pose some rich wanna-be mechanics are out there and think they have to have all the pieces... just in case they need to take the nuts off of a semi. Or something.

Could be worser (I know that's not a word Nic!). I could be hauling fridges around. Yes. Tools are better.

For Sybarite...2003-11-20 07:01:41 ET


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