Fun with tools2003-11-14 09:11:22 ET

I just finished up a shot this morning. I've uploaded a copy of it to my "Other Stuff" Gallery. Go look at it! I'm happy with it...

Apparently I am the Oracle... Who knew?2003-11-13 17:50:45 ET

You are The Oracle, from "The Matrix."
Wise, kind, honest- is there anything slightly
negative about you? You are genuinely
supportive of others. Careful not to let people
take advantage of you, though.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Have Kids?2003-11-13 17:17:49 ET

The Girl reminded me of an author I loved when I was a wee boy. Check out these stories by Robert Munsch. You can listen to him read the stories too.
My particular favourites are:

Love You Forever (listen)
Jonathan Cleaned Up... (listen)
Mud Puddle (listen)
The Boy in the Drawer (listen)
The Paperbag Princess (listen)

It seems silly to post about this, but it brings back really great memories, and if anyone here has a child, or a nephew or niece, or just knows a kid who loves really fun stories, than have a listen to these and see what you think.

(Hey, who says I have to write only cynical stuff all the time?)

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