So I had that dream again...2003-11-10 08:04:43 ET

"So I had that dream again"
What dream?
"That dream."
The dream you keep having?
"Yeah. That one."
Same thing happened?
"Yeah. Same thing. Only this time I'm sure it was me."
You're sure it was you...?
"That killed you. Remember? I said you were dead before, but I didn't know why.

You're not even listening!"
Sorry... I was listening, I was, I just... Where was I standing?
"*sigh* On the edge"
Right. The edge...

The edge of what?


you, you shot me... why? I'm not even standing on an edge!
"I know...

I lied."

Today, Narcolepsy is my Friend... oh, and some Moore good news2003-11-06 04:07:26 ET

4 hours of sleep. I s'pose that's what I get for going to see a late movie of Kill Bill and then staying up to hunt the internet for cool looking swords that I can't possibly afford.
So today I'll be falling asleep at the wheel. I can't really help it. I'll just tell my boss that it's a sudden case of narcolepsy and that it runs in the family.

So I was reading more Moore on the subway today (instead of sleeping). If any Americans are reading this and are working for some sort of corporate company (staff, not contract), have a good look at your insurance policy that the company probably took out on you (they're so nice, aren't they? read on...):

During the past twenty years, companies including Disney, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Dow Chemical, JP Morgan Chase, and Wal-Mart have been secretly taking out life insurance poicies on their low- and mid-level employees and then naming themselves - the Corporation - as the beneficiary! That's right: When you die, the company - not your survivors - gets to cash in. If you die on the job, all the better, as most life insurance policies are geared to pay out when someone dies young. And if you live to a ripe old age, even long after you've left the company, the company still gets to collect on your death. The money does not go to help your grieving relatives through hard times or to pay for the funeral and burial; it goes to the corporate executives. And regardless of when you croak, the company is able to borrow against policy and deduct the interest from its corporate taxes. -Michael Moore, Dude, Where's My Country?

A lot to take in. My jaw was on the subway floor when I read this. Makes me wonder if the same thing is happening here in Canada. I mean, I know we're not as greedy as corporate-America, but still, greed begets greed, and corporate-Canada has made America its model. How deep does the river run?

Any thoughts...?

I wanna Sword....2003-11-05 19:54:18 ET

I just saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1... I have to say that is the most violent film I have ever seen. And it was fucking incredible. I really want to learn how to use a sword now. Just the grace of using something so deadly is beautiful.

And I even know the sword I want... (it's the first one on the page).

When I have money... It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

I'm obsessing, I know. And in another few weeks I won't care. Boys and their toys. yeah yeah yeah

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