The Matrix has you...2003-11-05 03:45:35 ET

Okay, the last entry was pretty crap, so here's something for all you Mac users out there. If you are running MAC OS X 10.2, here's the best Matrix screensaver ever. Trust me on this, I have this on my G4 at home and at work.

Turn off the lights, throw on Massive Attack's Mezzanine or 100th Window, and enjoy...

Drawing a blank...2003-11-05 03:37:53 ET


I haven't really been able to post anything interesting lately, and for that I'm sorry. Usually I have some witty comment or remark about society, or something. At the very least poetry.

I got coffee black with sugar. So I can't complain about that. Work is steady, but as usual boring.

So that just leaves me in the financial mess I've been struggling with for the last year.

Matrix opens today. I'll have to wait a little while before I see it tho. I'm shit-broke right now, so I'll wait to use one of my free movie passes after the 15th. I think the passes expire soon, so I should use them up.

I'm sorry about this entry. I'll try to put up something halfway decent soon.


It could be worse...2003-11-04 10:18:19 ET

Just sold 35 CDs and 9 DVDs today. Made back $350. I'll take the remaining 100 or so and get at least $200 for those. Not bad for music I can *shudder* live without.

Next... Anyone wanna buy a medium format camera? I'm only looking for 2 grand canadian. Please?

The day a photographer sells one of his cameras is a sad, sad, sad day.

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