ToolTime with TheCat Part 12003-11-13 12:24:56 ET

I never thought that so many tools exist for mechanics. I'm shooting a toolbook and one shot is of 500 fucking pieces!!! Who needs all these?!
I swaer, socket wrenches that are 2-1/2" wide with 1' long ratchets that way a good 10 lbs. They're insanely heavy. And then getting all these pieces into one shot... I dunno, art directors haven't a clue. They should all be made to take a year long course in photography so that they understand that some of the things that they ask for just can't be done. Not unless they wanna put the budget out for it.

I rant about work. I apologize to all of you misfortunate to have sat thru this. Then again, you could have stopped reading it.

Anybody want to buy my camera?

Goin ta bed2003-11-11 19:23:05 ET

I keep late nights
and I'm not sure why
"Let us go to sleep"
My weary eyes cry

My pillow beckons
but I'll never listen
"Just another level
And then I'll turn in"

Seldom is this true
of that you can tell
I'll be up hours more
Tomorrow will be hell!
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Oh how music soothes this savage beast2003-11-11 13:48:41 ET

Paul Weller IS the MODfather.
Need proof? Then here it is!

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