Trudeau...2004-11-13 21:52:53 ET

4 years after his passing, a quote from former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

"It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there."

Never more apt...
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From Moby.com2004-11-13 20:00:54 ET

If anyone is a moby fan (I have a few rekirds) check out his site,

I pulled this from his tour diary cause it won't let me provide a link.

'dear canada,
now, more than ever, your neighbor to the south(aka-the blue states)needs you. most of us living in the northern and western parts of the united states don't feel very connected to the rest of the u.s, so can we bring our states and become part of canada?
we have a lot of money and some interesting cities and we promise not to be too much trouble.
the benefits to you:
a-in one fell swoop you can have southern california and new york city! surfing in canada! suddenly the u.n is on canadian soil! broadway is suddenly in canada! you could then say that canada is the birthplace of jazz and hip-hop!
b-money. cold hard cash. the red states in the u.s might have the voting power, but guess who has the money? yup, your friendly neighborhood blue states.
so when/if you accept our offer you will instantly become the richest country in the world! that sounds pretty good, right?
c-karma. accepting this offer will give you more good karma than you'd know what to do with(because you would instantly make 120 million people VERY happy).
so you get warm beaches, tons of cash, and good karma. who can say no to that?
please let us know if you accept the offer. given our enthusiasm to join canada it's safe to say that the details of the offer could probably be worked out in an afternoon.
thank you very much,

p.s-just to put your minds at ease, we do know that we can't bring our assault weapons with us.'

Moby, if you should happen to read this, you're more than welcome to move on up here. We've got a very comfortable IKEA sofa bed and three adorable cockatiels. And my fiancÚ is vegetarian so we can all enjoy dinner together.

Is it an abcess, or is it cancer?2004-11-12 06:07:16 ET

I just found a sore lump behind my left ear.

Cancer or abcess?

Think happy thoughts, Sean. Think happy.... Happy.....

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