Getting Old2004-12-09 16:23:10 ET

Today I discovered how easy it is to become disconnected.

At work there is a radio. However. My boss keeps it tuned to: soft rock (blech), top 40 (double blech), classic rock (okay at times) and jazz (always good).

I used to listen to Edge 102. I used to be on top of all the new music coming out. I used to buy a lot of CDs. I have a budget now, but I should still be trying to listen to new music. Which I never get around to doing. So I've been listening to a lot of my favourites and keeping on top of what they're doing. But what was new to me once before has become a staple.

A longtime friend asked me to make a CD for him for Christmas. He said "whatever you're listening to right now". Nevertheless he sent me a list of stuff that's in his headphones. I'm glad he did. Otherwise he'd be getting a CD of "The Same Old Stuff" that I've been hooked on since the 90s.

I've noticed that I've been digressing in my downloads too. It's either early 90s that I lost/sold/never got, rare mixes by my favourite artists or retro 80s. Nothing current. This new stuff I just downloaded, first off, is really good (eight or nine bands I'd heard of but never listened to), and really shows me how easy it is to fall out of the loop.

I feel bad downloading music, but I haven't the money to buy the albums, and I really don't want to become one of those mid-20 year olds who figure music died when Spears, Lohan, Duff and Dobson took over the radio waves.

So this is what I'm now hooked on:
The Killers
The Shins
Damien Rice
Death Cab for Cutie

Yes, I have heard of some of these bands, but when you don't listen to the radio much (cause it's getting like t.v, 90% crap) you don't know how good they are or where to start.

So this is a big warning to anyone who gave up on radio like I did at one point: DON'T!!
You'll regret it when you realise 5 years have past and you're only buying one or two CDs a year. It ages you and before you know it... YOU ARE YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!

Canada could be among the first in the world...2004-12-09 11:25:51 ET legalize same-sex marriage.

The Article

With any luck, the government will pass the bill before spring. The downside is that, with a possible election to be called this spring, this very issue may divide voters even more. The last thing I would want to see is Harper get in just because people have a disagreement with a newly passed bill.

In Memoriam...2004-12-01 14:57:29 ET

Pierre Berton, Canadian author and broadcaster, died on Nov. 30th, 2004, aged 84.

Here is an obit from The National Post.

I particularly loved seeing him on CBC's "Rick Mercer's Monday Report", instructing a college student how to properly roll a joint. It's mentioned in the article.

On a side note, I met the man once and I felt inspired by his patriotism and deep love for Canada.

He will be missed.

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