Sticks & Stones2005-01-26 17:48:50 ET

It's been a little while since my last posting, and for that I am truly sorry...
Well, I've been busy and such. That's my excuse.

I just finished watching The Fifth Estate which is a news program on CBC (for all my foreign readers) and they presented this story, Sticks & Stones, all about the war of words on MSNBC and FoxNews and CNN and whatnot. This being a Canadian show they obviously wanted to expose some of the Canadian slant on the issue.

While the epsiode was gripping and shocking, I found one particular segment rather incredible. Bob McKeown, the reporter for The Fifth Estate, was interviewing Ann Coulter (just typing her name makes me want to dry heave), and the conversation turned to Canada's involvement with past war-efforts. Coulter mentioned something about Canada's presence in Vietnam. McKeown said "Actually, Canada was never involved in Vietnam". Ms. Coulter told him that he was wrong! Thankfully Mr. McKeown stood his ground, pointed out that we'd been involved with WW2 and Korea, but not Vietnam. Numbnuts Coulter said "I think you're wrong, but I'll have to get back to you on that."

Thank-you Ann Coulter for trying to re-write our history books. Don't make such a bold statement without knowing the facts. You just end up looking like a complete idiot. But then, you don't really care, do you? It's just a bunch of Canadians watching, and we don't really matter.
But we do matter. After landing on Juno beach in Normandy, the French have always seemed to like us. So do the British, but maybe they're required to do so. Australia's pretty friendly with us, but again there's that whole commonwealth thing. And then there's Germany, Russia, Cuba and China. Those last four are countries you had real issues with all through the 20th century. On their own, yeah, none of them stand a chance against the American machine. But they all like Canada. And if America ever wants to "roll over and crush [us]" as you so blatantly put it, these countries will certainly be there to remind you that empires do topple. Often much faster than they are built.

Differing opinions are a good thing. To disagree with what the U.S. government is doing isn't unAmerican. It's called democracy. Freedom of speech. If you want to suppress that then you are no better than the very dictators you choose to depose, WMD or not.


I had an interesting thought. Many of the conservative Americans are also very religious people. Not all of them, but many of them. One look at the bible-belt will confirm that. But what if Judgment Day came. Okay, okay, for all those out there who do believe in Judgement Day (not T2), when it comes. Wouldn't it be funny, or ironic, or just outright nutty, if the Archangel Gabriel came along to Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, G.W. Bush and all the people who so vehemntly believe that what they're doing is right, just and in God's name, and Gabriel said [unto] them "You're all a bunch of MORONS!! God's decided that Hell is too kind. You're going to the void!" And Lucifer's down in Hell catching all this via satellite and even he's thinking "Ouch! The Void? Man, I knew they were fuck-ups, but the VOID?".

Betcha all the silk in China that those conservative fucknuts would think it to be some Liberal stunt designed to get John Kerry elected.

You can't reason with these people anymore you can any fundamentalist zealot.

When the world couldn't get weirder2005-01-09 06:11:21 ET

I was just over reading m0xie's page and GIR posted this link :

Strange world, people, strange world.

But I thought I was the only one....2005-01-08 07:48:04 ET

Just for a laugh, I typed my name into the Google search engine. Interesting results...

Sean Walsh #1 About the time he was born I was actually riding horses. Weird.
Sean Walsh #2 This just made me laugh.
Sean Walsh #3 Seems we have something in common here...
Sean Walsh #4 I've always wanted to be the president.
Sean Walsh #5 He's only directed one movie that I could find.

Now, if you read into anything about how names can describe a person's character, ambition and temperament, then it doesn't quite surprise me that these Seans are doing what they're doing. Artistic, expressive and on show for everybody to see. Well, maybe not Sean #2. That was just weird.

Anyhow, next time your bored, look up your name and the traits that are associated with it, then try to find other people in the world to see how they measure up.


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