TAX TIME!!!2005-03-04 18:28:48 ET

I called in sick on Thursday. Mostly because Nicole and I went to see Esthero perform a really awesome set at the Phoenix on Wednesday night. Also called in sick because I hate the photographer I'm stuck assisting.
Anyhow. Thursday nudges me outta bed at about 10 am and I take care of a few errands: $10 worth of pennies had to be brought to the bank; DVDs needed returning; new landlord needed contacting. Typical stuff.
So I found time to do my taxes. Yeah, whoopee....
And here's how it went:
...scrbblescribblescribble...I owe $23,000? That's not right...
...eraseeraseerase...scrbblescribblescribble...hmm, I'm getting back $1022? Not bad for having a dependant... better check this over though....
...oh, that's not supposed to go there...eraseeraseerase...scrbblescribblescribble...
COOL! I'm getting $4600 back?! Right on!

And off to bed I went, Nicole and I quite happy at the current situation (found an apartment, Ryan won NIN tickets on my behalf {way to go buddy!}, kick-ass tax refund this year).

Woke up with that "too-good-to-be-true" feeling.
Checked the taxes again at lunch. Called the Canadian Revenue Agency, asked some questions. Went back with a fine-toothed comb.
...waitaminnit...eraseeraseerase...scrbblescribblescribble...GODDAMMIT!! I'm only getting $1200 back? Shitty... still, $1200 is pretty nice. Let's go over it one more time though....
What's this down here? "Ontario Health Premium"? Oh right, thanks Mr. McGuinty!
Final amount... $1071.40

K, now, before any of you lop my head off for complaining about getting over a grand back, hear me out. Nicole's Permanant Resident papers will cost us $1600, so I was really hoping the government would foot that bill. When I saw $4600 in the refund section I thought "Wow! This will really help make a comfortable buffer should anything go wrong."
Still, that much money is something I'll never get from the government again, and while I have it, we'll put it to getting Nicole's PR status on the move.

And here's the nutty thing too... This happens to me every year. But who can afford an accountant?

A quick entry2005-02-10 19:56:46 ET

Just stopping by. What is it with people coming into the Blockbuster at 11:57pm? On a Thursday? Do they not realise I work two jobs and would very much like to go home to bed and sleep with my equally exhausted wife?
They should all be banned from video rentals til next year.
Delerium is taking hold (the state of mind, not the music). I should retire.

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It's that time of year again...2005-02-02 11:54:53 ET

Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow, as usual, so I guess we're in for 6 more weeks of blahdom.
And this time of the year really is a blah time. February is simultaneuosly the longest and shortest month of the year. Also the greyest.
Okay, I know I'm speaking from a Canadian's viewpoint, but I think it holds true in most places.
Anyhow. Can't keep my mind on work, which means every shot, no matter how simple it's supposed to be, ends up with me banging my head against the wall and my boss getting frustrated with me and probably thinking that he's wasting his time teaching me anything. I'd tell him what's up in my world so he might understand where I'm coming from, but he's certainly not the most approachable individual. He once said to me:

"You're not here to make friends, you're here to do a job."

Gee, thanks. I guess my chosen career, which is supposed to be something I love to do, is more like a prison sentence? Hmm...
I spend most of my days wishing vile things upon him.

Other than that, things are looking to be more of struggle than before. Hopefully we'll make it through.

A glass of 18 year old whiskey would be quite welcome right about now.

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