A few days late2005-01-03 07:36:04 ET

But Happy New Year anyway!

So we're back, we're married, and I have to get back to the daily grind tomorrow. At least there isn't anymore of that Christmas dreck they've been playing on the radio. I think I'll be able to tolerate the studio a little more now. Too bad I can't say the same about my boss.

So did everyone have a good holiday? Was New Year's what it was hyped up to be? We stayed in, watched movies. Drank a little.

You know you're getting old when....

In any case, have a happy one.

And Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

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2004-12-17 05:57:40 ET

I am really starting to despise Christmas music.
As I posted not too long ago, there is a radio in the studio. My boss likes to keep it tuned to 98.1 CHFI Soft Rock. (blech!)

About a week ago, this muzak station started playing only Christmas songs recorded by soft rock artists. They'll continue the torture right up until Christmas day.

I have a few hours between now and my vacation. I pray for the strength to get through it.

Thoughts on the Holidays from a narcissistic realist with the heart of a scarred cynic2004-12-13 08:14:04 ET

"Christmas is all about knowing what someone wants..."
-Canadian Tire radio commercial.
Yeah, forget about reflection, love, peace and general goodwill. It's about intuitively knowing another's level of greed.

"The Bay. The Official store of Christmas."
-Hudson-Bay radio commercial.
So God, Jesus and Saint Nick held a committee meeting and unanimously decided that The Bay, not Sears, Target, Macy's or any other department store, friggin' Hudson-Bay is the official store of Christmas. If I hear any pub declare themselves the "official pub of St. Paddy's day" I might just lose it.

Funny how companies are just blatantly stating that Christmas is a consumer holiday now.

While I hate Starbucks, at least their campaign (which has taken over Eglinton Subway station) has slogans like "Let's exchange stories instead of gifts" or "Let's go Subway Caroling". Of course, they won't hold to it either. That's a thinly veiled fašade for expensively bad coffee.

I'm not religious, but there is something spiritual in the air. Maybe it's the combined positive energy that many people have, simply because its Christmas.


Nah. Look at the mall's and you have your answer there. Greed. Power. Beat the other person to the last medium in red.

"Christmas is for shopping and the shopping god is everything."
-Matt Good.

For what it's worth, Happy Holidays.


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