Nine Inch Nails mini-review2005-05-10 14:04:15 ET

Last night's concert was FUCKIN' A!!!!

Saw NIN at the koolhaus. I had the best standing spot, right behind the soundboard. They played four or five tracks from [WITH_TEETH], some standards like Terrible Lie, Closer and Suck. The real highlights, for me at least, was hearing Reptile, Burn, Something I Can Never Have and No, You Don't. That and seeing Trent play a tamborine. That just doesn't strike me as an industrial instrument. ProTools? Fuck that, hand me the tamborine, goddammit!!

On a related note... Mark. Where were you? I couldn't find you. There again, there were quite the number of Marks in line. I felt like I wanted to walk around with a sign saying:

The Cheshire Cat is looking for Marks On His Soul

That would've been odd...
So did you enjoy the night?

I found a moment, so....2005-05-07 05:16:11 ET

The new NIN album is fucking awesome. I can't wait to see this on stage May 9th.
Found U2*POP on vinyl after years of searching. It happened by accident. I went into Vortex on Yonge in search of the new NIN vinyl but saw POP on the shelf. I didn't think twice.
Work is nutty crazy. I was asked if I could work this weekend. I feel a little guilty about saying no, as most of the photographers will be in on Saturday. I don't feel much like a team player right now. But I have a shift at Blockbuster today and tomorrow is Mother's Day. I'm not working Mother's Day. Not this one at least.
In realted news, my mom was "let go" from her position as Head Medical Librarian at her hospital (I won't say which one). I wonder now what a 56 year old woman is to do with herself while her retired husband (my poor dad) recovers from his second cancer. Like fuck I'm working the studio this weekend.

grrr... corporations and big businesses piss me off to no end.
NIN makes perfect listening lately.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing2005-04-15 20:31:50 ET

I finally get some time to update the journal.
hmm, where to start. Work's busy, the christmas catalogue is moving along at it's breakneck pace. If it's one thing that rivals last minute shopping it's shooting the stuff 8 months before people are clamoring to buy it. I still would like to know how I'm supposed to meet my deadlines when I'm receiving my layouts 2 days after they're due.

They call me in the studio:

"Sean, have you shot (insert SKU here) on page (#) yet?"
"I haven't even seen that layout... what are you talking about?"
"Well can you have it shot by this afternoon? That spread is going to mock-up tomorrow."
"But I haven't seen that spread... hello?"
Typical day.

So theGirl is hunting for a job... furiously. I'm on edge, cause if she doesn't find anything it may be back to the states for her for awhile, leaving me without my wife. I'm not sure I could handle that. Keep the whiskey away at that point. (kidding... sort of)

NIN concert is just over 3 weeks away. Anybody know someone going to the May 9th show? I'm flying solo that night and if I can find someone else going (someone that I know, somehow) it'll make a for a better evening. No, that's not a guilt trip buddy. I'm eternally grateful that you scored the ticket, otherwise I wouldn't be going at all. And I still have to get you cash for U2. I just got paid, so we'll hook up for coffee real soon.

Trying to keep in touch with family and friends, that's the other thing I have trouble with. I think it's the part of me that's introverted and humble. I forget that people actually want to hang out with me. Lord knows why.

Looking forward to: New NIN and Coldplay albums, sleeping in tomorrow, leftover pizza for lunch, hanging with Rob tomorrow night.
When you have the opportunity check out Hotel Rwanda. That's my Blockbuster pick of the week.
Oh, and I saw Kung Fu Hustle (imported DVD from Hong Kong, perfectly legal). Now there's a movie for an audience with ADD! It goes through about 20 different genres and styles of directing, paying homage to everything from film noir to Looney Tunes. Tonnes of fun! Go see it when it comes out.

K, time to get off the apple. Night all!

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