The Virgin Diary
2003-10-18 08:16:56 ET

K, well, the virgin entry, I s'pose.... Like to say thanks to those in charge for giving me a wee bit o' the web to weave my own tales.

Aside from that I'm not sure what to say about myself on here just yet, except that Michael Moore is a genius. Read his books, see his docs, listen to what he has to say.
Palahniuk is one of my favourite fiction authors.
Music is the only thing I can truly ever count on to make the pain and worries and trouble of the world go away, or at least put them into perspective.
Photography is the voice of my soul, tho recently I think I've lost that voice. Must dig deeper. Maybe use a shovel or a pick-axe.
And I think that's all I care to say at this point. Will think of something. It'll come to me, like a 2,000 lb. Yugo falling from the sky... see Moore's "Stupid White Men" for further explanation on that one.

"Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief,
All kill their inspiration and sing about the grief."

2003-10-18 08:22:58 ET

Welcome to Sk!

2003-10-18 08:23:36 ET


2003-10-18 08:24:31 ET


2003-10-18 08:24:53 ET

Hello. Welcome :>

2003-10-18 08:25:05 ET

welcome :)

2003-10-18 08:27:57 ET

Welcome Welcome Welcome

2003-10-18 08:41:13 ET

welcome to SK

2003-10-18 08:46:50 ET


2003-10-18 08:48:11 ET


2003-10-18 08:49:50 ET


2003-10-18 08:53:41 ET

Bonjour et bienvenue!

2003-10-18 09:01:29 ET

welcome welcome

2003-10-18 09:04:10 ET

'Ello and welcome to sk.
MMM, music.

2003-10-18 09:10:35 ET

hey there, Foxy ;)
you need to put up the Halifax and Mlada pics in your gallery.

2003-10-18 09:10:56 ET


2003-10-18 09:13:37 ET

Welcome :)

2003-10-18 09:20:51 ET

I'm late......but WELCOME TO SK!

2003-10-18 10:03:22 ET

Welcome, enjoy your stay.

I'm a thief.

2003-10-18 10:57:41 ET

i'm always late...welcome anyway :)

2003-10-18 16:27:41 ET

Wow.... quite the welcoming party...have a brew or a glass of wine. It's on me...just send me the receipt. No kegs please... I'm a starving artiste!

2003-10-18 17:14:32 ET


2003-10-18 17:15:10 ET


2003-10-18 19:52:20 ET

im all sorts of late, but welcome anyways

2003-10-18 20:20:24 ET

absinthe for every one

2003-10-18 22:01:08 ET

No absynthe for me, thanks. *cracks open a brew*

2003-10-19 12:43:14 ET

ooOooohh.. a fellow torontonian. :)
many welcomes.

2003-10-19 13:23:30 ET

(and a real looker at that) ;)

2003-10-19 13:24:07 ET

i think i'll have to agree with mark on that one

2003-10-19 13:29:23 ET


2003-10-19 13:45:23 ET

yeah. ditto. total hottie.

2003-10-19 16:43:12 ET

Wow, so many ppl to say hello to. Thanks for the welcomes and the flatteries (they WILL get you somewhere... ;-P )

2003-10-19 16:47:36 ET

(YAY!) ;)

2003-10-19 16:48:20 ET

yes they will ...
right into your big, warm bed. just enough room for *two*.


2003-10-19 17:02:20 ET

i was waiting for a response from the fair lady ;)

2003-10-19 17:15:37 ET

Yeah, I seem to remember a girl in my big, warm bed... wasn't too long ago, and at the same time it was too long ago... how to remedy, how to remedy?

2003-10-19 17:16:35 ET

make it not so long til the next time she is there?

2003-10-19 17:17:02 ET

rid the house of all its extra inhabitants - lock the doors behind them, and we'll bar ourselves away for weeks on end with nothing but vinyl (of both sorts), tasty nibbles and treats, and fun galore!

does that work as a remedy?

2003-10-19 17:19:11 ET

yeah, I think so.... but I'm trying hard to keep the peace in the house... speaking of which, I just witnessed my Dad's retirement papers... weird

2003-10-19 17:20:03 ET

really? and they go into effect at the end of this term?

2003-10-19 20:01:05 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2003-10-19 20:59:15 ET

woo ah..

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