2006-07-11 21:37:17 ET
Yuss, finallly back at uni. New tip of the iceberg coming up at the usual place.

     2006-06-28 04:44:29 ET
OPne of my friends is in the A&e, and considering that it's only almost 2am (NZ time) I'm going to go join her. Isn't that sweet?

 I'm a leach    2006-06-25 03:02:49 ET
So, after a year I'm working for the strip club again. As before I'm their house stand up and comic, but this time, I'm getting paid better and I don't work so many hours (10pm- close as opposed to 8 till close.) Still, really, the sooner I can get a better the better. I guess the winner on the day is the consumer at home.

 duck a fuck    2006-06-17 03:55:52 ET
Sar's msn login name was 'The Cuminator,' She claims it has everything to do with the spice "cumin," and nothing to do with her love life. I beg to differ.

In other news, it dawned on me last night that Ultimate is the nerd sport, like polo is the rich mans sport.

 I hate this essay    2006-06-14 20:25:01 ET
Tara: I just figured out that I spent half an hour scrubbing that dish clean for you.

Me: Oh honey, I wish there was some way to make it up to you... But seeing as there probably isn't, I'm going to go back to watching anime.

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