I don't want to do this film essay    2006-06-13 15:18:41 ET
So, what I am arguing is that Japan went through a period of colonialisation after the Second world war( the colonisers being the Americans, and western thought.) And as such their arts went through the same stages that other countries that were actually physically colonised (Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa, China, etc) in earlier centuries. Ofcourse, i'm writing this entirely with reference to Anime, so I guess i'll be talking about Sazae-San,[/]and the earlier sci fi such as[i]Astro Boyand Gigantor contrasted with the films of Hiyao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kun and Isao Takahata as well as other gems like Akira and Sexy commando Masarusan

God, I don't want to write this thing.

 On whores and being one.    2006-06-11 20:46:54 ET
Oh yeah, this is the weekly cartoonI make for the Victoria University of Wellington's student magazine Salient.
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 On time Machines    2006-06-11 20:35:04 ET
So yeah, I'm being paid by this guy at Massey University to build a time machine. Pretty cool, no?

Anyways, I've decided that as a time machine that uses science to throw somebody through time is totally out of my league, being as I am an actor, not a pseudo-physicist. So this means that I am going to have to do something else. Iím thinking of trying to build something similar to a sensory depravation box, with which I will try and get into a trance like state and throw my conscience through time. So, yeah, the only proof that that would have happened will be any footage we take of me ranting and raving while completely off of my face. Sounds pretty fun no?

Any thoughts?

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