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 frustration    2013-09-19 15:35:48 ET
I have been trying to upload a picture. I can't figure out how. I go to edit page and edit gallery, I select a picture from brouse and click on upload. But where does it go?

 Secrets    2013-09-05 13:30:12 ET
They say you are only as sick as your secrets. Along that line, I have a friend who is keeping things secret from me because of anger at me. I am aware of all the truth, but have left it be. Sometimes it is funny to me, how secretive and dramatic this person tries to be. Sometimes it is pathetic.

 fire!    2013-08-25 14:37:29 ET
I live in the west where there are so many forest fires. I know a couple of people who are on the fire lines. It has to be so scary! I am scared for them, especially after I read about all those firefighters who lost their lives. I cannot imagine zipping myself into that special tent which is my last resort, and being burned to death. It upsets me to think about it. It gives me nightmares, and I worry about my friends who are out there.

 anger    2013-08-18 07:13:38 ET
I have an acquaintance that is going to have a baby. She uses drugs--mostly meth. This is not her first meth baby--the first one went for adoption. I feel helpless--the only person more helpless is that poor baby in her who is exposed to this awful drug. I do not know what to do. Yes I do. I can do nothing. I have tried to talk to her, and she yells and curses at me. She blames everyone but herself. Why am I worrying so much about this baby when the person who should be in pain from this situation, namely her, has no pain at all? God I hate this.

 Late at night    2013-08-14 00:31:20 ET
I wonder why the night magnifies things. My mind races. I can't sleep.

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