2007-06-15 21:35:34 ET


2007-06-01 23:12:04 ET

I am B!

Well today I got alittle drunk... Alright really wasted in mamoth ways! God bless whiskey and other fine drinks.

But before that I peed in a cup! Yes in a cup! Damn drug tests. I hate them.

Anyway. After I woke up tonight I realized something. I'm freaking 25 and have more stress than a 56 year old father of 12, 16 year old sexually active girls and boys! O.o Color me weird! Well I decided I don't need stress. So I'm giving it back. Yup. Total refund on that. But before I can do that I need to start working. Which is Tuesday. Woot!

Anyone ever read a manga called "Bravo Girls"? Gotta love perverted comics!<3

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