2007-07-06 16:13:59 ET


Well I was fired from Wal-Mart...
It's a something I like to call... They must be taken to court!
Yeah okay! I was on break with this lady and the rest of the cleaning crew. They left and I was left alone with...her! She's this old...old...ooooooooooooooooold woman. I mean granny old. Well she has been for the last few days touching my cleanly shaved skull alot. Of course I asked repeatedly that she please stop. Right! So you'd think she would stop! Right? Oh frick no! She tells the manager I touched her on the breast! That I groped her! So they fire me. She word against mine. And she's worked there since the place opened. Oh yay! Yay! -cocks hammer on a gun-
Dear god I've come home to hill-billy land. -sobs-

Updated2007-06-30 03:25:35 ET


Alright. Well I'll start by giving you the run down for the past week or two.

I was leaving work and twisted my ankle and somehow managed to jerk a muscle along the back of my leg really hard! PAIN! Alots of it!
Cristalis isn't coming to Tennessee. I had to decide wheather or not it'd be best for us. You see she became somewhat off in the head. She's blaming me for things I wasn't even there for in her past.
Like her scars. The ones she gave herself or her ex-boy Tony gave her. Then told me if I don't come and get her she'll kill herself.
I'll admit I used to give into guilt or threats like that. But after two years of working 60 to 70 hours a week with almost no days off, all the while your g/f is sitting at home living off your checks, and she says you don't know anything, can't do anything useful, and that she hates your work; you kind of get used to guilt trips and threats like that. I don't respond nicely to those anymore. -heh-
Anyway. I went to the doc's yesterday evening. Had to have a note saying I'm safe to work. In all I've racked up a 2k bill.... -sighs-
My truck is wrecked! Yeah my lovely 1990 ford f150 big block 18 gallon tanks (2x) road and car eatting truck has died.
I bought a used portable dvd player. That way while on lunch at work I can watch vid's. Talking to the guys for a hour gets old fast.

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