Show #72 playlist    2005-03-03 11:58:26 ET
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern - Gray Formicular
Imminent Starvation - Even Stars
Monolith - Nomad
Black Lung - Panic Squad Interruption
Venetian Snares - Doll Maker
Hrvatski - Sucka
Kid 606 - Straight Outta Compton
The Klinik - Blanket of Fog
Download - Sidewinder (rmx)
Skinny Puppy - Poison Mouth
Numb - Blood
Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche-Out
Front 242 - Never Stop! V1.1
Ministry - Nature of Love
Babyland - Defeated
Velvet Acid Christ - Fun With Drugs
Haujobb - Rising Sun
Snog - Bastard Closet
Pigface - Insemination
Revolting Cocks - Something Wonderful
Foetus - Verklemmt
Cop Shoot Cop - Relief
The Birthday Party - 6" Gold Blade
Big Black - He's a Whore


Well, we'll see how long this set up lasts. So far everyone can anticipate me showing up again same time next week. Of course, I'll be keeping you posted.

Thanks for listening.

DJ Medusa

 Show #71 playlist    2005-02-17 11:57:10 ET
Manorexia - Planet of the Aches
Xingu Hill - The Nature of the Beast
Download - Bee Sting Sickness
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern - In Hell
Asche - Riding the Atomic I.C.E.
Architect - Grand Diesel
Foetus - Quick Fix (Charlie Clouser rmx)
Pow[d]er Pussy - Innergeist
Haujobb - Rising Sun
Skinny Puppy - Tormentor
Portion Control - Barely Alive
I, Parasite - Skinlike
The Klinik - Cold As Ice
Test Dept. - Sweet Sedation
EinstŘzende Neubauten - Zeichnungen Des Patienten OT
KMFDM - Liebeslied
B-TON-K -Brain Police
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/ Kranke M§nnor
Babyland - Creeping Up
Snog - Make the Little Flowers Grow
Ministry - The Isle of Man (version II)
Pigface - I'm Still Alive
Alien Sex Fiend - Here Cum Germs
The Cramps - Don't Eat the Stuff Off the Sidewalk
Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You


I think I'll take next week off. This is a pain in the ass. I feel like a huge pest taking over someone else's bandwidth, being loud in their space, etc. Besides, I have a lot of crap to get done this upcoming week; clean up what is to be my new home base, restore my hearing, essentially everything else I haven't done because I've been sick since I moved.

I am DJing this week at Noir (provided the hearing in the right ear keeps working, haha). I hope to see everyone there.

203 SE Grand Ave.
9 PM
$3 cover donated to CAT no-kill cat shelter

Huge thanks to everyone that made it out for the Anti-Valentines Ball. I don't know what has become of the playlist from it, but I'll make an effort to track it down and get it posted. Maybe Derek will see this and post it. *hint, hint*

I'll keep you posted on future online shows.

DJ Medusa
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 Show #70 (Happy VD show)    2005-02-10 16:29:39 ET
Asche - Distorted DJ Pt 4
Architect - ICL Feelings
Pow[d]er Pussy - Cryogenicpussylover
Basement Jaxx - Get Me Off
Lords of Acid - She and Mrs. Jones
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Sexplosion
En Esch - Sweet Venus
Coil - Love's Secret Domain (original mix)
LeŠther Strip - I Want You
The Klinik - Touch
Nine Inch Nails - Get Down Make Love
Zeigenbock Kopf - Sex with a Man
Revolting Cocks - (Let's get) Physical
Pigface - Hips, Tits, Lips, Power
Die Form - Martyrium (the lovers)
Amgod - Overlove
EinstŘrzende Neubauten - Rausch/Die Interimsliebenden
Psychobitch - Upside Down
Kompressor - Kompressor Want to Get You
KMFDM - Loving You Can Be an Art (saturation mix)
Foetus Inc. - Bedrock
Big Black - Fists of Love
The Birthday Party - Mr. Clarinet*
The Cramps - Love Me
The Punk Group - Magic Carpet Ride

*dedicated to the grouch because months ago I had a weird dream with him singing that song in it. o.O


I hope everybody that listened enjoyed this show as much as I did. After five days of gross sickness, topping out at 14 listeners made me feel a lot better. Thanks for listening and hopefully I'll be back next week.

And cross your fingers that I feel even better tomorrow. It's the Anti-Valentines Ball at Sabala's and I'm the first DJ up at 8 PM. Remember, show up early if you want to hear me, DJ Curatrix, and DJ Zufall. FOR GOD'S SAKE, SOMEBODY BRING THE ZINC LOZENGES!!!!!!!

Sabala's Mt Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR
$5 cover

DJ Medusa

 Happy VD show!    2005-02-10 11:54:09 ET
Getting ready to go live on Sykoradio with a show that oozes sex. Gross, eh?

LJ is down again, so I can't spam it. Spread the word that I'm on for the next couple of hours.

 No show again...:-(    2005-01-27 10:09:56 ET
Hello from the public library! My net service was shut off last night. That means I will not be able to broadcast this week and maybe the next. So until further notice I am once again on hiatus. Sorry about that. Hopefully it won't be for long. I'll keep you all posted.

DJ Medusa
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