Anti-Valentine's Update    2005-01-25 22:03:02 ET
Here is the final draft for the dj line-up/terrorfakt performance.

Friday Feb 11th 2005 @ Sabala's Mt.Tabor

Dj Medusa: 8:00pm-8:40pm

Dj Curatrix: 8:40pm-9:10pm

Dj Zufall: 9:10pm-9:40pm

Dj NoN: 9:40pm-10:10pm

Dj Carrion: 10:10pm-11:00pm

Dj Uberlush: 11:00pm-11:50pm

Terrorfakt Performance: 11:50pm-12:50am

Dj Hellraver: 12:50am-2:00am

Dj Carrion: 2:00am-??


So there you have it. People should show up early if they want to hear me, the lovely Miss Carolee and Len.

Sabala's Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR

     2005-01-23 22:58:54 ET
Suicide Commando is some silly shit.

np: sampling music posted to myspace
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 NO SHOW THIS WEEK!    2005-01-20 01:55:33 ET

This week’s show is canceled. I will be participating in the inauguration protest instead of broadcasting today.

Also, my show may be going back on hiatus for a few weeks. Circumstances beyond my control may be forcing me to move the 1st of the month. My net access will be spotty if that happens. But anticipate a show next week barring I don’t get another “soft” disconnect from Comcast. Cross your fingers!

I am slated for sure to DJ at the Viper Room for the Anti-Valentines party, February 11th. Hope to see a lot of you guys there. If you have any special requests or dedications (hint, hint) now is the time to make ‘em. Can I be so bold as to say tips appreciated over free drink offers? I need more music and rent money!

In other news:

Lydia Lunch will be doing a spoken word performance at the Doug Fir, January 27th. I want to be there. I'll probably cry if I have to miss it, especially because I missed Nina Hagen.

Attrition will be at Sabala's Mt. Tabor, February 2nd. No question about it, I will be there.

And my dirty, repressed country-loving side wants to be let out of the closet for the night to see Hank III at Dante's, February 12th. Hopefully, it will be let loose that night, and then promptly shoved back in the closet the next day.

And lastly,don’t expect to be able to snort coke off of toilet lids in Britain I guess it’s a big problem there or something. Yuck.

 "It puts the lotion on its skin..."    2005-01-18 12:30:36 ET
I feel the compelling need to spread this further.

"...or it gets the hose again. Yes it does, Precious."

 Warning! Show #69 playlist    2005-01-13 11:56:09 ET
1st hour:

P.A.L. –T.A.E.
F/A/V – Juni
Dulce Liquido – Psicosis
Black Lung – Gizmo Prediction Fallout
B-TON-K – Walking the Way of the Anal Sadistic Warrior
The Klinik – Quiet In the Room (Eskil Simonsson mix)
Society Burning – Hold Your Breath (dreams 1 & 2)
Dryft – Beatz and Vapour
XOL Dog 400 – C’thulhu
Pain Station – Flatline
Somatic Responses – Automatia
Feindflug – Foltesequenz

2nd hour:
Einstürzende Neubauten – MoDiMiDoFrSaSo
Teast Dept. – Hunger
Pow[d]er Pussy – Innergeist
Haujobb – The Noise Institute
Babyland – Defeated
En Esch – Rule the Mob
Alien Sex Fiend – Hee-Haw (here come the bone people)
Cop Shoot Cop – Coldest Day of the Year
The Jesus Lizard – Bloody Mary
The Birthday Party – Nick the Stripper
Lard – Can God Fill Teeth?
Foetus – Time Marches On


Don’t forget that I DO take requests. Don’t be afraid to put one in if you plan on catching my show in the near future. And who knows, maybe I’ll do it on the fly if you request during a show.

Thanks for listening.

BTW I’m giving a shoutout for Damned Productions and their show tonight at Sabala’s. Collide will be playing with local darlings of the Portland music scene Written In Ashes and Submarine Fleet. Cover is $10 at the door.

Sabala’s Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne

Doors open at 9

See you there. :)

DJ Medusa

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