2002-10-01 20:51:16 ET
Heh. Spatten Optimator in six packs is still on sale at the Fred Myers by my place.

*splerges precious little "fun" money she has*

Here is some entertaining and very un-pc reading. Go into the chat logs.

np: Cleaner - Harey

 Livejournal o.O    2002-10-01 08:37:25 ET
I feel dirty now. I was convinced by a friend to sign up on Livejournal just so that I can promote my show. Don't worry, I won't abandon sk.net for that place. It's so much more cosy here. And I know way too many people there.

Off to work now...
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 Saturday Night    2002-09-29 18:00:15 ET
The sky finally broke late last night. I think our rainy season has begun. I like this time of year here, the cool (not cold), wet days. I got to watch tourists and west hills yuppies get drenched.

Last night I was kidnapped and forced to stay at a party. I told my ex-roommates that I turned into a pumpkin at 11pm because that's when the busses stop running. They told me that there was no way of me leaving unless I took the remainder of my stuff with me. Resigning myself to my fate, I went in search of the beer. They had a keg of Portland Brewing Oktoberfest. Very tasty!

The night consisted of drinking very good beer, standing around being musical elitists, being a game geek momentarily, a jell-o shot, and talking to lots of people I really like but don't get to see enough.

The Rev was stuck at work and nearly didn't make it. We stuck around for a couple more hours before he insisted on getting us a cab home. The ex-roommates let us call it a night at 3am and didn't make me take any of my stuff.

Currently listening to the new Aghast View album and trying to decide if it's totally as bad as I thought it was after the first listening. It's not so bad for the first few tracks but most of the remixes on the last half of the disc I could do without.

     2002-09-27 14:18:41 ET
I spent the rest of yesterday after my show with a nice dull headache and being sleepy from lack of. I wound up being very lazy and watching the original version of The Haunting. Much better than the remake, though I had to get over being annoyed by the crazy chick's constant dialog she was having with herself in her head. I liked the ending better too (she dies, sorry if I ruined it for anybody).

I watched the original House on Haunted Hill just a couple of days before that. It was good but it was more of a murder/suspense movie than horror. I noticed that Hollywood today has no problem at all killing 90% of a movie's cast while 30-40 years ago only the "bad guys" would get it and maybe one innocent victim.

Well, since I was lazy yesterday, I must do housework and not hang out today. Must start making this place look maintained so we get our deposits back. *booooooo*
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 Live 365 Playlist    2002-09-26 12:01:17 ET
I just went on the air

Cleaner - Mimoid
Monolith - Nomad
Juno Reactor - Insects
Black Lung - The Club of Smokers
Newt - Abyss
Lustmord vs Metalbeast - Open Towers Emerge
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx(panacea mix)
5F_55 - 4D61 6B72 6F62 696F 6E69 6B
Somatic Responses - Critical Path
Soma - Baal
Einsturzende Neubauten - Sand*
Cleen - Freezeout
B-TON-K - Auto-aggression v2.0
Pzycho Bitch - Range of Vision
Dance or Die - Aliens Electric
Forma Tadre - Celebrate the Cult
Skinny Puppy - Deadlines*
Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test
Haujobb - Eye Over You
The Klinik - Recognition(long version)
Implant - Look Alike
18 Summers - Turn Off the Radio

*denotes request

Now there is a little white weasel chasing the cats around the house and I must clean, the apartment and myself. yay!

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