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2002-10-02 23:40:46 ET

Didn't used to be the other way around? You would ask a dj to play a rarely played track from your favorite band and in stead he/she would play the most over-played song. Today the dj wants to play new stuff but all the crowd wants to hear is the same old shit. I did too much reading of the Piglist today. The old arguement has cropped up again.

Anyway, I am taking requests for tomorrow's show.

I almost forgot! I will play something new off of the new Aghast View. Not all of it is garbage. I was just being over critical of it the other day.

2002-10-02 23:57:18 ET

I'd like to hear 'Garbage Dump' by Manson(Charles that is).

2002-10-03 00:19:54 ET

hmmm...no Manson. most of what i play can losely be considered "industrial". i can however play something off of "Charlie's Family" by Download.

2002-10-03 00:29:18 ET

Well I was more or less joking. Mansons music is almost as terrible as Marilyn's. There is one song of his though that does have some what of an industrial feel to it. Well it's more things being beaten and broken in the background really but kinda industrial let me see if I can find where I put it.

2002-10-03 00:36:17 ET

yeah, i thought so. :P

so i've heard about Charlie's music. i've never listened to it and i think i will take everyone's word for it that he more or less sucked.

2002-10-03 00:39:03 ET

Oh yeah... but it's just kinda fun to have it. I want to burn a CD to play at work and torchure people with it.

2002-10-03 01:09:12 ET

I couldn't find the song I was talking about but you might look up a sound clip of manson called Charles Manson Speech To Parole Officers. I really like the last line of it. "Believe me if I started murdering people there would be none of ya left."

2002-10-03 03:03:15 ET

How about "Dogma" by KMFDM

2002-10-03 03:14:24 ET

i was thinking about attempting to compile some local or lesser-known musicians...including those on sk.net...i just think that would be fun.

2002-10-03 07:42:45 ET

who does that song that sounds like an industrial pep rally? "DUN. DUN. DUNDUNDUN. DUN-DUNDUNDUN!!" it's so funny!!!

2002-10-03 08:25:45 ET

I think you should play some Axosonic, C13, and Mekhanikal.


2002-10-03 10:36:33 ET

con dom, p.a.l., scrap.edx (some of the things id like to hear/havent heard spun in awhile)...
thats a good idea furax. but what kind of thematic approach would you take? would it just be anyone sk.net (cause i think that may get a little non linear)?

2002-10-03 10:39:04 ET

w0rd to those requests.

2002-10-03 10:43:55 ET

aural blasphemy...sorry i forgot...but deffinately some very strong tracks there...

2002-10-03 10:49:18 ET

reaper, you requested KMFDM i don't own. i can play just about anything from Nihil back and anything off of the "symbols" album. if there is something else, i am not opposed to playing KMFDM.

axo, you gotta give me something more than that. ;P

haha. i think i'm going to have to check out all of your music, all three of you guys. we'll see.

2002-10-03 10:51:12 ET

doll, i have T.O.S. by P.A.L. . i will play it.

2002-10-03 10:55:23 ET


2002-10-03 11:45:12 ET

der. i ment TAE by P.A.L. :P

2002-10-03 12:22:59 ET

I'll try to grab the set list from Burning Chrome or Necrodance or wherever I heard it. :)

I'll have to make a harder stompier song...when I wrote "Poseur" I was still figuring out both Reason and new industrial. ;)

2002-10-03 18:34:39 ET

i think if we did a show with people's music from here it should cover all sorts of music styles...

2002-10-03 21:36:39 ET

new industrial?

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