Radio Washu Playlist    2002-05-23 14:21:43 ET
Sheep on Drugs - Uberman
The Klinik - Right Way
B-TON-K - Lower You!
Gorillaz - Man Research
KMFDM - Thumb Thumb
Feindflug - Stromtod
Soma - Baal
Cleaner - Harey
Foetus - Descent Into the Inferno
Big Black - Texas
Pain Station - Anxiety
F/A/V - Tote Frauen/Kranke Monner
amGod - Overlove
HMB - Everything
Dulce Liquido - Psicosis
Newt - Ostad(covanent mix)
Pigface - Flowers Are Evil
Aghast View-Shallowpoint
Clear Vision - Revenge (original demo)
Leather Strip - Coming Up For Air
7000 Dying Rats - Jock-o-rama (gilbert and lewis mix)
Kompressor - Kompressor Logik
The Residents - Hello Skinny

...till next week same station same time...

 More work related hate    2002-05-22 19:25:56 ET
It was too slow of a week. Yesterday was rainy and I was feeling spiteful...

I wanted to poke this lady's buggy eyes out for giving a loud and annoying tour of the shop to her friend and then not have the decency to buy even the smallest trinket.

I wanted to kick the next person who walked in and asked me if they were in Music Millennium.

I wanted to shout wtf! at the next parent who let their young child loose in the store to paw everything.

I wanted to tell almost all the teen-age girls that came in to gain just a little weight, please,and stop dressing like little hoes.

And how come I keep hearing people call my store a headshop. *looks around, sees no bongs, pipes, tye-dye, or smelly hippys* The NW 23rd Neighborhood Association would have a shit-fit if we carried such items.

 Radio Washu    2002-05-21 20:24:25 ET

I have a permanent spot on Sykoradio. One can tune in Thursdays at 2pm PST and hear me spinning industrial, noise, ebm, wierdness, etc till 4pm. Tune in and listen, y0! Make me feel loved.
...for your bookmark lovin'
1 comment

     2002-05-18 17:54:32 ET

You are the only person in the world who realises that nobody should feed hearing aid batteries to a Japanese baby. You have an affinity for smoothies, comic violence, and not-so-comic violence. You have very little hair. You should probably kill yourself.

What subkultures member are you?


 Crud    2002-05-17 23:20:05 ET
Bad luck comes in threes right? I hope so. The first thing that happened was the rev nearly broke his little toe in a freak stubbing accident. The next was bad news regarded his income. Lastly, he is getting booted from his dj gig after his night on the 30th because of stupid club politics. He'll still be able to dj there but only as a fill in.

I know it's not my bad luck but it does affect me. >.<

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