My 1st Radio Show    2002-05-08 15:15:01 ET
And everyone but Sis and Lokichilde missed most of it!

For those curious as to what I played here:

1.Basil Poledouris-Anvil of Crom-Conan s/t
2.Implant-Fun-Soft Flesh, Hard Steel
3.VAC-Lysergia-Twisted Thought Generator
4.TKK-Martini Built For Two-Sexplosion
6.Aghast View-Shallowpoint-Phaseknox
7.The Klink-Moving Hands(tim schuldt mix)-End of the Line box
8.Revco-Attack Ships on Fire-Big Sexy Land
9.Download-Glassblower-Sidewinder ep
11.En Esch-Sweet Venus-Cheesy
12.Forma Tadre-Snake Charmer-Navagator
13.Hocico-Where Angels Don't Sing-Sangre Hirviente
14.Soma-Arcane-The Inner Cinema
15.B TON K-Lower You!-Novocain
16.Attrition-Cosmetic Citizen(stromkern mix)-The Hand That Feeds
17.Black Lung-Panic Squad Interruption-The Great Architect
18.Kompressor-Rappers We Crush-???
19.yelworC-Blood In Face(terror mix)-Blood In Face
20.Big Black-The Model-Songs About Fucking
21.Silke Bischoff-Shining Star
22.Node Out-Free To Wear Black-???

Next Broadcast???

 Poor Bored Weasel    2002-05-06 15:52:57 ET
I want to take him out today to a park and let him play in the grass, but it looks like the weather might get nasty soon. Since Stalin died all Ghengis does is eat, sleep, and shed. We need to get another baby ferret to keep him company as soon as we can afford it. Maybe I'll let him out so he can pick on the cats later.

     2002-05-04 18:26:07 ET
I got to see Spider Man today. It wasn't bad.

I got a large Invader Zim doll. His head is grotesquely large compared to his body.

I was given many quarters to get Homies out of a vending machine. I got one of the chicas, yay!

I just drank a Celebrator - Fine Bavarian Double Bock. It was gooood.

 On Vacation But No $$$    2002-05-03 17:24:53 ET
Too much time on my hands...
Maybe I should clean my apartment.

I get to see Spider-man tomorrow (whether I want to or not) for my b-day.

 Work (isn't this all I write about?)    2002-05-01 17:42:14 ET
Today was better than yesterday.

-late for a meeting at work
-John (the boss) was mad
-I got a write-up (I insisted. Why should I not although I manage one of the stores.)
-felt like a heel all day 'cause I can't seem to get out off bed more than forty-five minutes before work.
-the store didnít make lot's 'o $$$$

-got up at 9:00am and got to work early.
-John's not mad at me.
-all the customers were nice.
-not too many weirdos wandered in.
-some woman asked me what music was playing. I responded with pride, En Esch-Cheesy. She had me write it down.
-people bought a lot of cool but useless stuff.
-I realized I only have one more day of work before my seven day paid vacation. Wooooooooo...


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