Happy Bunny Candy Day    2002-03-31 17:02:42 ET
Like a lot of other godless retail sluts, I had to work. I wish I had more paid holidays. We are lucky enough to have New Years day off. I didn't even have that when I worked for Spartacus.

 Just a day off.    2002-03-29 14:45:21 ET
Nothing much is going on right now. I'm on my weekend. I would like to clean my apartment but the #%*~ing computer sucked me in.

We had an F-15 fly low over our neighborhood today. It caused a sonic boom scaring me and setting off car alarms.

I must tear myself away from the box for awhile a clean. It's such a nice spring day here in Portland.
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 Ignorance is not bliss.    2002-03-27 22:11:11 ET
I work retail. I work in a funky little gift shop in a high profile shopping district here in Portland. My store is the most unusual in the neighborhood and I sell almost anything interesting and unusual. I sell some books - art, photography, unusual special interests ( I can sell you a book about Airstream camper trailers), cocktail recipes, etc.

Today I over-heard two women while they were browsing a book of mainly nude photographs. Said book contains photos of women, children, and still lifes. The only sexual content is in some (not all) of the pics of the women.

The two women came across one of the child pics and immediately took it out of context. "Oh! That's sick! That's child pornography", I hear one say. I wanted to say to them "why". None of the pics are in any way suggestive. Maybe the artist is showing how innocent yet vunerable children are, I don't know. It's just sad that the women didn't even give it a moment's thought before drawing a conclusion. Fuck, if they were so concerned why didn't they confront me and ask me why I carry that book.

How many times has Christ been portrayed as a naked child in Mary's arms? Is that porn? Maybe to some sickos but usually not.


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