2002-06-15 01:34:27 ET

We tried to hike up to Witches Castle again tonight. But there were kids partying up there. We heard them long before we could see them, so we just hiked back. We sat at a wayside on the path and watched two of the party-goers walk by totally in the dark. They were oblivious to the four people watching them from the shadows. For the wtf? factor , we started talking loudly after they past.

Got some pics with the camera. But since we never made it to the castle we didn't get any of it. Maybe next time.

2002-06-15 01:52:17 ET

ooh that sounds like my kind of fun...i am such a little trickster in the dark mwahahaha! and i know how to scare and disperse drunken party goers...umm...because that's what i used to do to the kids that would hang around my town at became notorious...but alas...they never knew it was me...i have no personal fame...just a legend :-P

2002-06-15 06:20:44 ET

Witches Castle? where is that at?

2002-06-15 08:21:30 ET

It's on a trail through McClay (?) Forest Park. If you hike the entire trail, it takes you to Pittock Mansion. There is a picture of the castle in this weeks Willamette Week in a Rejuvination Hardware ad.

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