Diablo II Is Calling Me
2002-06-15 18:06:38 ET

It's been over 6 months since I last played it. My level 50-something paladin named Asschew has unfinished business with Baal in the expansion on nightmare difficulty. Must resist urge because it will swallow my life again.

2002-06-16 22:03:28 ET

ive got level 30 barbarian..

ive been thinkin about re-installing it and loading up that savegame

but i havent yet, for the same reason

2002-06-17 06:44:19 ET

i have a legitimate level 70 necromancer named Crowley :-P

2002-06-19 13:49:52 ET

Furax - necros rule...well not really, but they were a hell of a lot of fun to play! I had 2 necros; 1 hardcore and 1 regular, both lvl 60+ . I miss Diablo.

The CD Key on my disc got rubbed away somehow...

2002-06-20 01:46:32 ET

i'm sure one of the lovely online people would send you a diablo cd key ;-)

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