Signs that I was more drunk than I thought last night.
2003-07-22 10:22:08 ET

-Woke up in the clothes I was wearing the night before.
-I left the light on in my room all night.
-Need to go to Sandy Hut and get my card.
-I posted a rant somewhere online.
-I still feel a little drunk today.

Rum and I get along a little too well. Time to wake up and eat.

2003-07-22 12:27:22 ET

have fun

2003-07-22 13:54:09 ET

Let's hear it for the SANDY HUT!!!

hip hip!


2003-07-23 13:46:43 ET

...and it turns out i did indeed close my tab the night before. my card was in my wallet the whole time. i found this out after a very hot walk to the bar. *smacks forehead*

2003-07-23 16:01:03 ET

you at least got a pint or 2 eh?!

2003-07-23 18:02:48 ET

no, i was kind of in a hurry to get somewhere else. the pints came later last night.

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