Will they stop?
2003-07-24 17:47:59 ET

Just because these people that are "thieves" are turning out to be your normal Joe down the street as opposed to some weasely college student? Because it could be your grandma?

My favorite quote for the day:
Bob Barnes, a 50-year-old grandfather in Fresno, Calif., and the target of another subpeona, acknowledged sharing "several hundred" music files. He said he used the Internet to download hard-to-find recordings of European artists because he was unsatisfied with modern American artists and grew tired of buying CDs without the chance to listen to them first.

"If you don't like it, you can't take it back," said Barnes, who runs a small video production company with his wife from their three-bedroom home. "You have all your little blonde, blue-eyed clones. There's no originality."


2003-07-24 17:54:21 ET

That will be me in 30 years. Although, by that time they may just be able to transmit directly to your head.

2003-07-24 19:11:26 ET

this whole ordeal is stupid. downloading music has made me buy so, so much more...kmfdm, skinny puppy, wumpscut, haujobb, vnv nation, assemblage 23...all introduced to me via download, and spurred me to buy more of their albums. then again, i'm probably just the damn exception.

2003-07-25 03:43:24 ET

ah blonde and blue eyed clones....arent those nazis?
its funny how they focus on the cheap skates,
when alot of people use downloads to go out and look for their cds...i would have never given a band called goat a second look if it werent for http://www.noisemp3.com. and now i have most of all their cds (save for the elusive "abomnigoat"). i feel these people have lost site of the benefits of downloaded music....especially when they focus on those people "steeling" whole cds worth of material...versus those who like to listen to a couple of tracks and then go out and get the disc...
or focus on those people who just want a single....to that, these idiot people making "music" should focus on a better cohesive album, i.e. dont just try making a single (ive noticed some "industrial" bands doing that as of late, which makes me all little disolusioned with that part of the scene)...course theyll never listen because they like hearing themselves on the radio...

2003-07-25 09:44:27 ET

chris: aka johnny mnemonic?

that type of shit just proves how truly greedy people are

2003-07-26 01:46:13 ET

that is greedy. it shouldn't all be about that it should be for the music ...and sports players shouldn't be millionaires either...

2003-07-30 13:36:55 ET

hey kids and pdx peeps:
On what may become the second hottest day of the year in Portland, we are
preparing an ode to the rain. Try to bring some friends / forward this
email. We need a lot of umbrellas for this; it will be great to start off
with a bang.

1.) Arrive in the Square about 5 minutes before the Start Time.
2.) Gather around the statue of the man holding the umbrella.
3.) At precisely 7:24pm open your umbrella
4.) For the next 10 minutes you may converse with people around you.. Act
normally. If anyone without an umbrella asks you what you are doing just
reply "I heard it was going to rain."
5.) At precisely 7:34pm close your umbrella, applaud yourselves for 10
seconds, and disperse in opposite directions.

Please synch your watch now to PDT TIME.


Flash Date: 7/30/03
Duration: 10 minutes
Start Time: 7:24pm
Location: Pioneer Courthouse Square
Accessories: an Umbrella

This has been an official PDX FLASH MOB http://www.pdxflashmob.com

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