Bye, Bye Dreads
2002-06-21 21:23:53 ET

I have so much less hair. Pics soon to come...

2002-06-21 21:26:53 ET

Oh my! Do you like it?

2002-06-21 22:05:45 ET

I hate to tell you this, Washu, but there's a giant fortune cookie eating one of the people featured in the gallery from your work.

2002-06-21 22:25:14 ET

hair is overrated ;)

2002-06-21 23:54:05 ET

LOL...You know Lummy, I never thought of that before.

Yes SiS, I do.

And yes, SkaForBreakFast, it is.

2002-06-22 00:54:16 ET

hair bad! :-P

2002-06-22 06:15:11 ET

lol, if I keep cutting all mine off I'm gonna' be sproting the furax-do very soon!

2002-06-22 08:23:58 ET

Well, good then! Can't wait to see it.

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